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The search for the perfect inspirational Nigerian man in South Africa is on....  
                                             ....We are not looking for a model but a good Nigerian representative.

Mr. Nigeria South Africa is a first of its kind in South Africa and it is a male beauty, brawn and brain contest. The project provides a platform for keen contest among young Nigerian men in South Africa.

The participants will combine handsomeness with physical appearance and acute mental intellect for leadership and as entrepreneurship. The participants will contest for honour and glory in a competition that will put their general intellect into ultimate test.


The beauty pageant industry is well saturated with variety of opportunities for aspiring young women. This is not the case for young male especially Nigerian men in South Africa considering their numbers as compared with Nigerian women in South Africa.

Mr. Nigeria provides opportunities for the underrepresented group in the industry. In addition, Mr. Nigeria contest is more than a pageant. It is a tool for re-branding Nigeria and changing perceptions positively towards Nigeria, it serves as a social cohesion, celebration and sustenance of Nigerian cultural heritage in South Africa, community development and empowerment as well as social-cultural interaction with South African society and other Diaspora communities in South Africa.