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We are proudly the first and the only privately owned foreign community newspaper, publishing with the name of its country in South Africa as of today. The reason for this is simple: we are proud to be Nigerians and we will do everything in our power to protect and represent our country, irrespective of the negative views and stereotypes against us as a people.

As Nigerians, we are portrayed for mostly the bad than good and to name a newspaper after the country was a bit of a risk, but a challenge as well.
This shows that irrespective of what people think of us, we still maintain the same level of pride and patriotism towards our country.

Who We Are

The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a 100% integrated Nigerian newspaper based in Pretoria, South Africa. We are in the business of people empowerment and re-branding of Nigeria.

Our services are targeted at individuals and corporate organisations in all sectors. Being Nigeria's first and only newspaper in South Africa and in our quest to become the most respected and widely read Nigerian newspaper in the Diaspora, we will continue to redefine standards and stretch limits as a global voice.

We will continue to make generous and focused investments in skills development, creativity and exposition in a bid to positively showcase and represent Nigeria at the global arena. We are also very passionate about social development and have evolved a strong social responsibility focus which is aimed at building a generation of Nigerians that have access to excellent role models.
Our Aims & Objectives
As part of our comprehensive offerings, we will provide well-researched articles on politics, travels and tours, sports, investments, diplomatic issues, music and movies, tourism, legal issues and ongoing events/activities.

Our passion for Nigeria, our culture, our tradition and belief in the abilities of our people have made us to set our objectives to achieve the following:

  • Re-orientate People positively towards Nigeria and her people.
  • We also celebrate positive Nigeria-South Africa relationships in business, marriage and other forms of partnerships. 
  • Represent and portray Nigeria positively to the world.
  • Be a medium through which our people can speak and tell their own side of every story as it concerns them.
  • Market Nigeria to the world as a viable tourist and trade destination.
  • Celebrate the achievements of Nigerians in South Africa and the world over .
  • Project our culture, tradition and heritage.
  • Introduce various products & services to the vibrant Nigerian Community.
Our Strategic Partners
In seeking relevance at the international level, The Nigerian Voice newspaper maintains strategic alliances with partners who provide creative and target-oriented information on news, politics, entertainment, tourism, education, legal issues, sports and other events across several regions. The Nigerian Voice newspaper, with strong backing of our partners, acts as a single point of contact to ensure that the right information, personnel, expertise and processes are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our platinum partners are well-informed and experienced in their chosen fields of endeavours.
Our Signature
We call it The Nigerian Voice newspaper advantage – a 100% commitment to helping our readers and partners achieve maximum value from our services and optimum return on their investments. Our team of highly-trained journalists, consultants and field experts are on hand to tailor our offerings and solutions to meet the precise needs of our readers. This is a guarantee.