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The event is a celebration of Nigeria Community Excellence Award in South Africa. 
We believe that we have a major part to play in developing the Nigerian community in South Africa, and this we are doing effectively by organizing community empowerment projects. In 2013, we started for the first time in South Africa, the Nigerian Community Excellence Awards which was hosted to commensurate Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebration. 

The purpose of this is to give a sense of belonging to the increasing population of Nigerians in South Africa and to celebrate individual and corporate achievements of many Nigerians who are contributing immensely to the betterment of the Nigerian community and South African society at large.

Therefore, Nigeria Community Excellence Awards is a major event organized by The Nigerian Voice Newspaper to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence and award excellence within the Nigerian Community in South Africa.

The Awards brings together officials of the Nigerian High Commission and Consulate, members of Nigerian community in South Africa, representatives of Nigerian associations and corporate South Africa as well as South African citizens and members of African Diaspora, to celebrate and savor Nigerian-made entertainment, culture, music, attire and cuisine. 

Every year, the awards ceremony honors the Most Inspiring Nigerian among other categories of awards. It is highlighted with the best of Nigerian music and cultural performances.

We deem it necessary and important that as a community we MUST celebrate and award excellence to those deserving of it and are flying the Nigerian flag positively in their different career. This gesture will send a strong and positive message to the community and the South Africa society at large that as a community we appreciate the effort of our citizens and as such deem it important to celebrate them.

It is also very worrisome, shameful and not befitting that the Nigerian Community in South Africa does not have a single unifying event to celebrate our diverse and rich cultures, Cousine, clothing, movie and buzzing music industry adjudge to be the best in Africa and one of the most vibrant in the world. 

The event will witness different artist performing live for guest at the event, alongside other activities like cultural performances, comedy and deejays resident in South Africa.

The event will begin at 3pm with red carpet picture taking and media interviews, and will last for three hours. The awards proper will begin by 6pm to 9pm. After party and networking will commence immediately after the awards and will last till 2 am with deejays and artists entertaining guest.


1. Most Inspiring Nigerian Personality in South Africa
2. Most Inspiring Nigerian Medical Doctor
3. Most Outstanding Nigerian Post Graduate Student In South Africa
4. Most Outstanding Nigerian Under Graduate Student in South Africa
5. Most Outstanding Nigerian High School Student in South Africa
6. Most Outstanding Nigerian Primary School Student in South Africa
7. Over-all Academic Excellence In South Africa
8. Most Inspiring Nigerian Association In South Africa
9. Nigerian Media Personality In South Africa
10. Best Nigerian Media organization in South Africa
11. Nigerian Community Leadership Award In South Africa
12. Nigerian Community Spirit Award In South Africa
13. Nigerian Business Personality Of The Year In South Africa
14. Best Nigerian NGO in South Africa.
15. Outstanding Nigerian Business Organization In South Africa
16. Best Nigerian Own Restaurant/Lounge/Club  In South Africa
17. Nigerian Sport Personality Of the Year In South Africa
18. Best Nigerian Comedian in South Africa
19. Best Nigerian Deejay In South Africa
20. Best Nigerian Upcoming Deejay in South Africa
21. Best Nigerian Over-all Music Artist In South Africa
22. Best Nigerian Male Hip-Hop Artist in South Africa
23. Best Nigerian Female Hip-Hop Artist in South Africa
24. Best Nigerian Upcoming Music Artist in South Africa
25. Best Nigerian Jazz Music Artist in South Africa
26. Best Nigerian Gospel Artist (Male) in South Africa
27. Best Nigerian Gospel Artist (Female) in South Africa
28. Best Nigerian Traditional Music Artist (Yoruba) in South Africa
29. Best Nigerian Traditional Music Artist (Igbo) in South Africa.
30. Best Nigerian Movie Personality (Male) In South Africa
31. Best Nigerian Movie Personality (Female) In South Africa.
32. Best Movie Cinematographer
33. Best Movie Director
34. Best Nigerian Paint Artist In South Africa
35. Nigerian Diplomatic Personality In South Africa