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LEADERSHIP AWARD – The father-figure Diplomat
His Excellency, The Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr. Sunday Samuel Yusuf needs no introduction as the Head of Nigeria's Diplomatic Mission and official leader of Nigerians in South Africa. The leadership award is in honor of the amiable ambassador’s sterling leadership and exemplary qualities both in the diplomatic community and among the Nigerian community in South Africa as demonstrated everywhere he has served as Nigeria's envoy around the world. The ambassador’s efforts in uniting multi-interests Nigerian associations and groups in South Africa is worthy of honor given the challenges of such a task among multi-ethnic and religious as well as highly organized and politically savvy Nigerian associations.

Mr. Okey Emuchay, MFR is the dynamic Nigerian Consul-General. The CG has he is fondly called is a man of the people. Combining diplomatic and political sagacity, the CG has contributed tremendously in alleviating difficulties faced by Nigerians in South Africa. His administrative skills have helped with challenges of getting or renewing Nigerian passports in South Africa. While, he has never shied from calling to order erring Nigerians, Mr. Emuchay has never failed to speak up for upstanding Nigerians whose rights are violated in South Africa. The CG has also on most occasions provided needed assistance to seek redress for such Nigerians and as well as engaging with relevant authorities.


Braimoh Bello – The inspirational public speaker that makes the difference
Braimoh Bello is a Senior Medical Scientist at the Centre for Statistical Analysis and Research
(CESAR), an honorary lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand and President of Beyond Tomorrow. He is a medical scientist, university lecturer, a human development Consultant and an educational entrepreneur. 

Braimoh Bello is the president of Beyond Tomorrow, a human development consultancy organization which is dedicated to promoting Africa's development through inspiration, education and excellence. Beyond Tomorrow has worked with thousands of students in different parts of South Africa, Nigeria and Swaziland. Braimoh is absolutely passionate about building a better Africa through education, excellence and leadership. He is a highly sought after motivational speaker who speaks in many schools and organisation. Last year, Braimoh Bello and four other members of his team were on five television stations in South Africa providing weekly inspirations and academic success principles to millions of South African students for 44 weeks.

Braimoh Bello is the author of the best-selling book, Beyond Tomorrow: Fundamental Principles for Achieving Academic Excellence. He is also the author of Beyond Tomorrow Steps, Beyond Tomorrow Voice and Oasis: a collection of poems and inspirations. He is a multi-award winning author and motivational speaker. In 2009, he won the best PhD student presentation at an international conference. In 2010, he received a lifetime membership award from the Golden Key International Honours Society at Wits for his contribution to education in South Africa. In 2011, he was recognized (in the education category) by the Mail and Guardian as one of the top 200 young South Africans helping to reshape the future of the country, an award for which the Vice-chancellor of Wits University congratulated him.

In 2012, he was recognized by Parable Magazine and Klip Drift as one of the inspiration young leaders in South Africa.

Prince Okorie Ezeja – The Philanthropist
The prince is a true example of global philanthropy, pan-Africanism and selflessness. While other foreigners are busy searching the streets of Johannesburg for elusive gold, the Nigerian prince is busy feeding both South African and other countries’ hungry and homeless people on the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg every week . Prince Okorie has been single-handedly running this free food programme for over five years before his activities caught the attention of our editors and his inspiring story made our front cover of our August edition.

Professor Akin Bamigboye- The medical practitioner extra-ordinaire
The Nigerian professor is an obstetrician, gynecologist and reproductive biologist trained in both South Africa and the UK. The multi-award winning professor is a research fellow with the Wits University and visiting consultant at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital. His research interests include high risk pregnancy, methods of reducing pain of caesarean section and prevention of maternal death by reducing bleeding after child birth.  He was awarded Doctorate in Letters, (Hon) International Biographic Centre, Cambridge, UK, in 2013 and a Doctor of philosophy (Obstetrics and Gynecology) from the University of Witwatersrand. He is also a Fellow of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa.  (Obstetrics & Gynecology).  He is the recipient of Best Gyne research in 2009.

The professor is the first black African to be seconded for super specialist training in Hammersmith Hospital and the imperial college in the UK by the faculty of health sciences 1998. He received the international Hippocrates award 2011. He was voted among the Best 6 Mediclinic doctor of the year, 2005, and among the Best 100 doctors in the world by the international biographic center UK. He is a member of the American academy of scientist and Marquis who is who in the world, 2009, 2013.

Outside the medical field, Professor Bamigboye is a community leader and a father-figure especially among the Nigerian Yoruba group in the entire Southern Africa. He is the leader of the pan-Yoruba group known as the National Association of Yoruba descendants in Southern Africa. He was admitted into the catholic Knighthood of daGama in 1998.


Professor Ehimario Uche Igumbor – The Academician and Epidemiologist par excellence
Prof. Ehimario Uche Igumbor is a Public Health Specialist in the Epidemiology and Strategic Information Branch of the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pretoria. Through dint of hard-work and academic excellence, Mr. Igumbor rose rapidly through the ranks of Junior Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Epidemiology in university academic career spanning almost 10 years.

Besides these academic attainments, Ehimario Igumbor parades several accolades and certificates which bear testimony to his outstanding scholarship. He is a recipient of several awards and in several prestigious competitive contexts – in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa. He was only 12 years old when he was awarded a National Merit Certificate by the Nigerian National Mathematical Centre, Abuja.

While undertaking his BSc (Hons) degree at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School, he received the “Dean's Award” and “University Book Prize” in successive years and graduated with awards of “Best Overall Academic Performance” and “Best Honours Research Project”. Further on, he passed his Masters degree course work with distinction earning a Masters in Public Health degree when he was only 21 years old.

Before his 30th birthday, he was appointed to the position of Associate Professor of Public Health by two Universities in South Africa but decided to take up a position with the CDC while holding the title of Extraordinary Associate Professor of Public Health with his alma mater – the University of the Western Cape. As such, With under-graduate training in Physiotherapy from the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe, Ehi developed expertise in Public Health and Epidemiology at post-graduate level.  He holds a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) specializing in Epidemiology and Biostatistics; and a doctorate degree (PhD) in Public Health earned from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

He is listed in “Who's Who in South Africa” and has been nominated to the prestigious “Marquis Who's Who in the World” for 2013. In 2012, he was conferred Honorary Membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society and became a rated researcher of the South African National Research Foundation. A trailblazer, self-starter and an epitome of distinguished scholarship, Ehimario Igumbor has proven his mettle as a burgeoning academic giant in the African higher education landscape.

Omoh Ezomo- Award-winning Mathematician and Educator
Omoh Ezomo is a Nigerian educator who is positively changing learners' performance statistics in Mathematics in all the schools he has taught as a Mathematics educator in Limpopo area. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, he has been voted the Best Mathematics Educator in Makhutswe Circuit and Maruleng Municipality. In 2012, he was voted the third Best Mathematics Educator in Mopani district municipality with learners' pass rate percentage rising from 46.8% to 90.2%. Mr. Ezomo's passion rooted in willingness to help poor South Africans kids in the community of Metz, Maruleng municipality, under the district of Mopani in Limpopo province, to achieve their dreams. He is proud to see that the kids have tremendously improved in mathematics and science.

Funke Oyebanji – Top Class Nigerian Student is top of the class
Funke Oyabanji is a Nigerian post-graduate student at the Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg. She recently graduated top of her Master of Management class with distinction at the Witwatersrand University 2013 graduation year. Throughout the period of her study at the Wits, Ms. Oyebanji demonstrated sterling qualities of leadership personality. She is indeed a worthy Nigerian ambassador. The Nigerian Voice congratulates the great Nigerian daughter on this outstanding academic performance.


Arik Air – The Pan-African International Airline
Arik Air is a top-flight Nigerian airline. Since inception in 2008, the pan-African airline has gone from strength to strength in providing air transportation to Nigerians and other travelers to and from Nigeria and other parts of the world. Recently, in its bid to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, Arik Air purchased more state of the art airbus in addition to its fleet of aircrafts.  Over the year, Arik Air has been involved in various supportive initiatives to Nigerian travelers through various promotions and discount policies. The Nigerian Voice newspaper salute Arik Air's support and patronage!

Planet Image Productions- Good Morning Africa for Africans
Planet Image Productions is the producers of Africa Magic’s (on DSTV) programme; Good Morning Africa. The media company has been on the forefront in promoting and supporting both Nigerian government, business and individual Nigerians from all walks of life through its breakfast show- the Good Morning Africa show beamed live across Africa and other parts of the world. The company is a strong platform for the development of many Nigerian and South African DJs, TV presenters, Editors and cameramen.

Pan African Training Institute- The Institute that empowers Africa
Pan African Training Institute as an organization has shown strong in belief in the vision of The Nigerian Voice newspaper right from inception. The organization has demonstrated this believe in practical terms with financial support towards the printing of thousands of copies of the newspaper every month.


Planet Image Productions- Good Morning Africa from Nigeria
Planet Image Productions is the producers of the Africa Magic’s (on DSTV) programme; Good Morning Africa. The media company has been on the forefront in promoting and supporting Nigerian government, business and individual Nigerians from all walks of life through its breakfast show- the Good Morning Africa show beamed live across Africa and other parts of the world. The company is a strong platform for the development of many Nigerian and South African DJs, TV presenters, Editors and cameramen.

Envoy Newspaper
The Envoy newspaper is a pan-African newspaper by a Nigerian publisher. The newspaper is well circulated across South Africa. With an African-wide coverage of news stories and depth of analysis of social, political and economic issues in Africa, the Envoy newspaper is one of the few African-oriented newspapers making positive impacts in South Africa impregnable print media. We salute their courage!

BluJeans Communications- Pan-Africanist communications extraordinaire
Mr. Lojede is an actor, voice over artist, creative director and Pan-Africanist communication extraordinaire. He is well-known for his acting role in the South African soap with cross-cultures and multi-cast- Jacob’s Cross, where he played the role of bad guy-  Bola Abayomi. The Nigerian actor has carved a niche for himself within Africa’s creative and corporate spaces. His corporate platforms, Bluejeans Communication and 1 Take media have made him one of the most sought after creative consultants in South Africa.


Mr. Erubu Bashir- Efficiency Epitomized
Mr. Erubu Bashir is a Consul (Commerce and Documentation) at the Nigerian Consulate in Johannesburg. Mr. Erubu's commitment and passion for Nigeria and Nigerians are unquestionable in the discharge of his duties; particularly, his administrative duties towards the smooth running of operations and delivery services at the Consulate. He is efficiency epitomized.

Mr. Uche Okafor-The bridge-builder Consul
Mr. Uche Okafor is the Consul in charge of Trade and Investments at the Nigerian Consulate, Johannesburg. He demonstrates a good measure of humility and dedication in the service of his country, Nigeria and also selflessness in interaction with his fellow Nigerians in and out of the Nigerian Consulate. Particularly, Mr. Okafor keeps an open door policy; the largesse which the editorial team of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper has had the opportunity of enjoying time and time again. Mr. Okafor holds a Master degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Peter Lambat-The fascinating Facilitator
Mr. Lambat is a senior bureaucrat at the Nigerian High Commission, Pretoria. Mr. Lambat is approachable and highly professional in the conduct of his duties and interaction with people. He has demonstrated this through his commitment to work which translates into an efficient running of Nigeria High Commission. He has also been of great help to The Nigerian Voice newspaper in its relation with the High Commission on many occasions.


Nigeria Union South Africa- Union’s Unions
The Nigerian Union South Africa is an umbrella association for all Nigerians in South Africa. Apart from other support services to registered members, the association has been outstanding with its nationwide network and administrative structure. NUSA, through liaising with the Nigerian Consulate, facilitates the processes of passport application and renewal support for their members outside of Gauteng areas, thereby saving them money and time. The association’s dynamic leadership has also been instrumental to the recent formation of the United Nigerian Wives in South Africa.

Nigerian Doctors Forum- Committed to service of humanity
The Nigerian Doctors’ Forum is an umbrella body for Nigerian Doctors in South Africa. The group is a testament to the silent, but impactful presence of Nigerian professionals in South Africa. Spread, all over the country, Nigerian doctors have been contributing positively to South African healthcare system through various internationally acclaimed medical researches, professional medical practices in private and government-owned hospitals and also in their own private practices.

National Association of Nigerian Students- The Young Nigerian Ambassadors
The National Association of Nigerian Students brings together Nigerian students in all the universities and technikons in South Africa. The association has been organizing events that promotes the beauty and diversity of the Nigerian culture at their different campuses across South Africa. Through their activities, they have been providing support services to their members turning out as good ambassadors of Nigeria in their respective schools and coming out on top of their classes with cum laude and distinctions.


Mega ‘D’ Abodedele (Nigeria Business Expo)- The mega-projects specialist
Mega ‘D’ as he is fondly called is surely a trailblazer with Midas touch. Mega ‘D’ pioneered the Nigerian themed breakfast show on Africa Magic in South Africa. As a successful entertainment events manager, he has successfully organized international musical shows in the UK, Nigeria and South Africa for top African and international artistes such as D Banj, Tu Face, Beenie Man amongst others. Mega ‘D’’s next big project is Nigeria Business Expo 2013; an international exhibition that brings together and showcases the best of Nigerian and South African businesses and culture.

Wale Akinlabi (Planet Radio TV)- The Gentleman of the press
Mr. Wale Akinlabi is the CEO and Managing Director of Planet Image Productions (the producer of Good Morning breakfast show on Africa Magic). Mr. Akinlabi’s ingenuity and his Nigerian ground-breaking creativity traits has once again manifested in a new and dynamic initiative; Planet Radio TV, also known as PRTV. Dubbed as second of its kind in the world and first in Africa, PRTV is a satellite musical entertainment platform that combines different mediums of Radio and television in one format. PRTV is currently airing on GOTV everywhere in Nigeria and all over the world through the internet. PRTV prioritizes on African music and artistes giving them a pride of place and prominence in its musical content and programming.

FABIAN LOJEDE (Bluejeans Communication)- The Company that Speaks for Africa
Bluejeans Communication is an advertising consultancy company under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Fabian Lojede. The company has been involved in top-flight Pan-African campaigns for many of the top South Africa companies with sizable in roads into the Mozambican market.


Western Union – The company that delivers the Money!
Western Union is arguably the most popular and efficient international money transfer in the world with strong presence in most countries of the world. The money transfer giant has been making its presence felt in many local communities in South Africa by identifying national associations and partnering with them on various community development initiatives and events.

Multi-Choice- The Making real the African magic
Multi-Choice is the world-class South African digital satellite television. The media organization has given platforms to many African content particularly Nigerian movies and music. The Nigerian Voice newspaper celebrates the organization’s media excellence in the promotion of African culture and also giving Nigeria a voice through syndication of Nigerian Television programmes.

MTN- Africa’s connection
MTN is arguably Africa’s largest network. In the last year, MTN through its promotional offers of call costs reduction and weekend extra minutes, has served as one of the telecommunication company of choice for Nigerians in South Africa to reach their families and friends in Nigeria.


Miss Kiba Bam
Kiba graduated at the Cape Peninsula and University of Johannesburg acquiring qualifications in Public Relations and Fashion Design respectively. In the interim of her studies she ran her own business in selling ladies clothing and accessories. With a natural progression, she then joined one of South Africa's leading retailers, with her passion for business she then got an opportunity to join Goaty Media House to be the Project Manager for the annual Nigerian Business Expo and Carnival.
Kiba has a passion for traveling, meeting and working with people from different backgrounds. She hope to use her involvement in the Nigerian Expo to help shift the perceptions of her fellow South Africans about Nigerian's business ethic, history and culture.

Dianna Games- First Class African citizen
Mrs. Dianna Games is CEO of Africa At Work, an African business consultancy. She is also a seasoned journalist with a regular column in Business Day newspaper. Mrs. Games holds the honorary position of the CEO of the South Africa-Nigeria Chambers of Commerce. To have the honor of this position speaks volume about Mrs. Games relationship with Nigeria and Nigerians. She has initiated and facilitated many successful business and development initiatives between South Africa and Nigeria and other parts of Africa. She has demonstrated her uniqueness as a South African and African at large with her recently published book titled Business in Africa: Corporate Insights, where she shares knowledge about business and development in Africa.

Mrs. Lindelwa Uche –Truly Nigerian Wife
Mrs. Uche is the President of the newly formed pan-Nigerian association, The United Nigerian Wives. The association is an umbrella body for South African women married to Nigerians in South Africa. Mrs. Uche and her fellow Nigerian wives took a bold step when they marched to Home Affairs in protest against discrimination against them for being married to Nigerians and stereotyping of all Nigerians as criminals in South Africa. The Nigeria Voice newspaper honors the boldness and initiative of Mrs. Lindelwa Uche and her fellow South African women in standing up for themselves and their Nigerian families.