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The search for the perfect inspirational Nigerian man in South Africa is on....  
                                             ....We are not looking for a model but a good Nigerian representative.

The Nigerian community in South Africa has grown in number and strength in the last decade. Official record indicates that there are over 400,000 thousands Nigerians in South Africa, while other sources put it at over one million people. Emerging trends from the community is the growing number of Nigerian-South African families, Nigerian-South African children, teenagers and crop of youths born and bred in South Africa as well as migrated adults.

This dynamic trend holds great potentials and challenges for Nigeria and South Africa as well as the individual Nigerian living in South Africa. The greatest potential lies in the community’s numerical and financial strength which directly translates into unique target market for local and international products and services that link Nigeria, South Africa and the global Diaspora where Nigerians abound in their numbers. Major challenge remains meeting the economic and social aspirations as well as harnessing abundant creative energy of the Nigerian Diaspora in South Africa in a South African society faced with challenges of prioritizing human development and correcting economic and racial imbalances of the past. Nigerians in South Africa stand little chance to benefit from public or private empowerment initiatives for the single fact that he or she is Nigerian born. Therefore, as a pan-Nigerian newspaper in South Africa, the management of The Nigerian Voice newspaper is aware of this situation. We feel the burden of not only informing or celebrating, but also empowering Nigerians in South Africa through such initiatives that create opportunities and platforms for them to engage their energy and talents in profitable enterprises.

The scenario painted above is the desperate necessity that births Mr. Nigeria Contest South Africa.