“1 can never be greater than 3”– Regional Organizations warns Consul-General

Posted by Olaniyi Abodedele on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dr. Sola Agbeniyi, Hon. Abdulrahaman Abubakar and Engineer Ibrahim Beatrice leaders of three regional organizations namely; Association of Yoruba Descendants of Southern Africa (NAYDSA), Niger Delta Association, and Network of Arewa in Diaspora (NAD) all met at the regional leaders meeting on Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 at the Southern Sun Hotel in Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa. Absent at the Regional Heads meeting was the leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo.

Leaders and representatives of the three (3) regional associations spoke with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper after their meeting to express their displeasure and the ethnic politics being played by the Consul-General and most senior staff of the Consulate. The Regional Leaders advised her not to divide Nigerians in South Africa. They further stated that during the reign of her predecessors Hon Okey Emuchay MFR Nigerian community was united and everyone was carried along.

Engineer Ibrahim Beatrice the coordinator of Network of Arewa in Diasapora stated that the Consul-General has her people who tells her what to do and who pulls the strings for her “to me, she has her people, who tell her what to do; who pull the strings for her and then she does the dancing. We look at her from a distance and we see where she is coming from and where she is going”.

The Arewa coordinator continued “Such kind of people, we from the Arewa, because of our integrity we don’t associate with such person. To me, I don’t have anything personal against her, as I can have something to do with her because things happen around her that has to do with Nigerians. There are many things we the Arewa don’t buy into. And we will never be part of it”.

Conclusively Engineer Beatrice informs that very soon Arewa members will pay her a visit to register their displeasure “we will spell it out clearly to her because very soon we are going to pay her a visit and submit a letter to her to tell her that most of things that we have observed that have been happening is shameful… though she pretends as if there are no Arewa people in South Africa. We are existing and we will bring everything to the limelight”.

Speaking with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper Hon. Abdulrahman Abubakar who is the President of Niger Delta Association in South Africa stated that when the Consul-General came into the country she saw the system and tried to act on it. So, the more there is division, the more she achieves her goal.  He continued “She chooses the person she can use so that she can achieve her goal, bearing in mind she has little time to stay in the country. Her own is just to clear whatever she can clear and get away when it is time. Nobody can hold her. Of course, that’s her belief! But we Nigerians we are not going to keep quite. Even if she leaves this country today and goes, there are still some things we are going to recall unless she changes and does what is right. Otherwise, we are going to rise up when the time comes”.

The Niger Delta President continued “If they are not ready for us to sit down and put things in proper perspectives and work for the interests of all Nigerians, then let us forget about NUSA. Nusa is representing one ethnic group. When you hear them saying they are going to a province where there is a problem. Who is having that problem that NUSA has gone to solve? Where is that person from?  They are all from one particular ethnic group and most of the problems are drug-related problems. It is their network they know what they are doing. But when we talk, it’s either they threaten us with lawsuit, or they threaten us in another way but we are not afraid of them”.

He concluded by stating that “Violently! We are not afraid of them because we stand for the truth and the truth must be told. I told them even if I die today in the course of fighting for the truth I know I am sacrificing my blood for a genuine cause. Hon. Abubaker stated.

Dr. Sola Agbeniyi who is the spokesperson of National Association of Yoruba Descendants Southern Africa (NAYDSA) stated that what is going on currently within the Consul-General and Nigerian Community is a disaster “Nigerians in South Africa are the same; we are brothers and sisters. I wouldn’t say much about the current Consul-General Mrs. Uche Ajulu-Okeke. I will only say that we have so many ethnic groups in South Africa. That is my submission. I remain myself Dr. Olusola Agbeniyi. What is going on here is abnormality! Our Consulate needs a reformation. Thank you very much”, he concluded.

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