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DJ Sulex needs no introduction as a foremost and one of the most outstanding Nigerian DJ in South Africa. The dance-floor controller early arrival to the country in 1999 gave him a head start ahead of other Deejay as he quickly established himself as a house music DJ. The Nigerian Voice Newspaper chatted with him inside the VIP lounge of Europa club in Sunnyside, Pretoria on Thursday 27th March, 2014.

Recounting his humble beginning of his DJ career in South Africa, DJ Sulex went down memory narrating his twelve years experience in the DJ business.

 “I think first of all, I am the first Nigerian DJ in South Africa, DJ Waxxy came after me, and Scratch Masta came thereafter me. When I started working with Europa, and also as a DJ many people didn’t believe it, and they always imagine how come I am a house DJ, “he is a Nigerian”, it’s unbelievable, all this was way back, we looking at like twelve years ago now”, he recalled.

Twelve years of niche carving in the music entertainment industry have help to shape and develop DJ Sulex into a proud and successful DJ. His ability to study and understand both the lifestyle and club life of South Africans, he revealed, has helped him to penetrate the South African entertainment scene. This, also, has made it easy for him to satisfy his audience at different occasions and also keep him ahead of his peers in the Deejay business.

DJ Sulex believes his resilience and hard-work have paid off for Europa Night club, the club he has been with for many years now. He is convinced that his belief and ability to achieve excellence has created for the club a night that brings together Africans on a weekly basis. “I thought about Hip Hop night on a week day because then no other club did events on a week day. Most clubs concentrated on weekends, say Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. So, I started Hip Hop night with some African countries because, way back Hip-Hop was something that was not popular in South Africa. So, a lot of foreign nationals came together from every part of Africa. That was how it started gaining attractions and then more Nigerians started coming into South Africa and it started becoming like a night for foreigners. It used to be on Wednesdays but now it is on Tuesdays and it has gained so much recognition for Europa as a gathering for Africans.”

The road to success was not an easy journey for DJ Sulex. His first job was with a leisure company scheme, where he had to distribute holiday promotions cards for R2 commission on each card he successfully administered to shoppers. After a year of savings, DJ Sulex tried jewelries business selling jewelries to people from office. After a few months the jewellery business collapsed.

This left him only one option but to convert his love for music, partying and clubbing into something useful.  That was the beginning of his DJ career. His first break as a DJ came when his friend opened a new joint called Afro Rock. DJ Sulex quickly convinced him that he could do the job of a DJ. Since then there has been no looking back for him. Recalling his early days of struggle, Sulex reveals how some of his friends would laugh at him seating as he walks pass Jubilee Park on his way to work carrying a plastic bag full of CDs.

With the hindsight of his experience in the DJ business, DJ Sulex recommends dedication, passion and focus for any young person who wants to be a DJ. “They should not aspire to be a DJ because they are drop outs from school”, he warned.

On Nigeria and South Africa music industries, Deejay Sulex recognized the fact that Nigeria and South Africa have the two biggest music industries in Africa and sees no reason why there can’t be a lot more collaboration aside from that of May D and Mafikizolo and Davido and Mafikizolo. He insisted there is more room for collaboration between artists of both countries. He feels collaboration does not only have to do with super-stars of both countries, rather he suggested that South African artists should explore the opportunity of collaborating with the South African based Nigerian artistes, whom he described as ‘fantastic’. He believes that such collaboration will lead to greater opening of a good working relationship citing the examples of Emmy G and DJ Dimples of Rands & Naira.

Speaking candidly about young Nigerians in South Africa, DJ Sulex was of the opinion that many young Nigerians are lazy. According to him, this is the reason some of them engage in a lot of activities that are embarrassing and as such give Nigerians a bad name. He reminded Nigerians to always remember that they are foreigners from another country. The man behind the wheel believed that respect is very important. Therefore, he observed, “if you respect yourself, people will respect you. Going beyond self-respect, DJ Sulex challenged his countrymen to find something to do to make a living. “Most importantly they need to get a job. “Where ever you are, even back at home in Nigeria you need a job for you to live, he advised.

Despite DJ Sulex doubt on the success of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper based on how many Nigerians are not supportive of each other, he has acknowledged that the newspaper have done really well and is an inspiration for many Nigerians “Well initially I was looking at Thevoice like are they really going to get anywhere and those kind of thing due to the fact that here in South Africa we all know that our people don’t even want to support one another, but so far I have seen the work The Nigerian Voice Newspaper have been doing and I have been so impressed that they have gone as far as doing interviews on Metro FM by Tbo Torch and on YFM and African Magic. Also seeing pictures of Nigerian Ex President Obasanjo and a whole lot of other top personalities holding The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a big achievement.  The newspaper has really tried and it’s a good inspiration for all Nigerians, there are a lot of good Nigerians out there that are really doing something good”.

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