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His Excellency the Governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON) and the Speaker Imo State House of Assembly was in South Africa and they seized the opportunity to meet with people of Imo state for an interactive session, and to give account of his stewardship in governance. He met with them on the 24th of April 2014 at Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant in Leaping Frog Center, Fourways-Johannesburg.

The Governor apologised to the Nigerian High Commissioner His Excellency Ambassador Sunday Yusuf and the Consul-General His Excellency Hon. Okey Emuchay MFR for not informing them of his visit to South Africa and stated that he was suppose to go to Zimbabwe to meet with the former Prime Minister, but somehow their plan changed, he however promised to inform them when he is on an official duty “Let me also appreciate the Consular General and people of our embassy, my apologies because this visit was not official. I was suppose to go to Zimbabwe to meet with my friend, the former Prime Minister Mogan Shangarai who was my guest in Imo state and spent a week in Imo state but somehow we changed the arrangement to meet in South Africa for some reason so we quickly met here, so my apologies if I did not inform the Embassy that am coming, please extend my apologies to the ambassador and tell him when am coming officially I will let him know that am coming”.

The Governor spoke extensive about his many achievements in Imo State and showed the people the Imo of yesterday and the Imo of today, he also spoke about Boko Haram and his ambition in 2015 “I will take you through the Imo of Yesterday and the Imo of today, I will also discuss with you about Boko Haram, I will tell you what is happening in Nigeria, I will also tell what is happening about my political life”. It was while taking about his political life that he made mention that APGA is not an Igbo party and that he took Ndi-Igbo to Alliance Progressive Congress (APC) “of course you are all aware that am the Chairman of the APC governors forum because APC is a child of circumstance and APC simply means the emergence of a new political party to correct the ills of PDP, there won’t have been APC if PDP is doing fine and for me I took Ndigbo to APC and some of you know that I was an APGA member and I became a governor under the platform of APGA but let me correct one enormous impression; APGA is not in any way an Igbo party because APGA is only in Anambra for those of you who are from Anambra and particularly in one local government, and probably produce a governor.

Governor Rochas informed people of Imo State that Boko Haram is a serious challenge and that they have been told that it has been hijacked by the terrorist experts around the world, and that this is not the time to talk about politics “Now let me inform you about the BOKO HARAM. Now we have a very serious issue, a challenge in Nigeria which is called Terrorism.
Boko Haram is an act of terrorism, what started like Bakasi and youth forums went and grew into this ugly incident, at one point it rare its head as Batasile now this is the same story, but now we are told that it has been hijacked by the terrorist experts around the world. So it’s not something that is affecting only the North, it is affecting every Nigerian. As Chairman of Governors forum I made a press conference few days ago and I requested that this is not the time to talk about political parties, this is the time to unite and fight this ugly incident”.
After the Governors presentation and speech, The Nigerian Voice Newspaper spoke to the Hon Alloy Emeka Johnson, a founder/trustee of Imo State Union South Africa, and President All Nigeria Nationals in the Diaspora (ANNID) on his impression of the Governors visit to South Africa and his speech and he spoke on the need for transparent and accommodating government without losing sight of the yearning and aspiration of the long suffering people of Imo state “I strongly admonished politicians on heating the polity unnecessarily, jumping the gun and trivializing serious issues of citizens security and welfare”.

He went further to tell the Governor to sanitize Imo delegates of the urgency and need to build bridges across ethnic, professional and interest groups as to archive the cardinal turnkey interest of increase of derivatives.

Alloy further went on to state that there should be more state creation, Local government autonomy, more Local government area creation for the people of South East, and rotation of presidency amongst the tripod stand of East, West and Northern pattern. ANNID SA seized the opportunity to applaud the Governors interest on Imo citizens in Diaspora opting though that this is his maiden visit to South Africa.

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