Posted by Popoola, Sunday on Sunday, June 8, 2014

On 31st of May, 2014 the National Association of Yoruba Descendants in South Africa (NAYDSA) had its National Convention and Inauguration of Board of Directors at Brooklyn Guest House, Pretoria with all its members present.

The occasion was made pleasant with the musical performance of Yemite Entertainment. At the event, Doctor Wale Ladipo-Scott of Durban Division explained that “It’s a yearly meeting to discuss the activities if NAYDSA National Association of Yoruba Descendant in South Africa. And what we are doing today is the AGM, the convention and the inauguration of the Board of Trustee which are people who would see to the day to day activities of the association and they would report back to the national executive counsel for discussion making”.

He made it clear that the Organization at Durban “comprises of about 80 members in population, which is the strongest and largest for now. The Vice President of the National Association comes from Durban and likewise today’s Chairman of the convention is from Durban. So I think it is strong, we are coming up and we have got a lot of powerful people in Durban.”

He reported on the association’s achievement in Durban,” In recent time we have made donations to some Hospitals and old people’s home. Recently we were part of the campaign for bring back our girls in support of the girls that were kidnapped in Nigeria. We clean the environment on all our meeting days and which is environmentally friendly.”

Dr. Scott also expressed his expectations as a BOT member, “the constitution review, which is an ongoing process. The process is to build strong leadership from NAYDSA to Nigerian Union and to be able to put together other factions that are not part of the association for now, so that we can come up as a strong unified sector.” In a final word he noted, “I just want to wish this association the best, also I want to appreciate the Nigerian Voice for giving us their support and they should keep up the good work”.

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