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Against all odds, many Nigerians continue to rise and shine in South Africa as they work to improve their lives while adding positive values to their host community. Fabian Lojede is one of such Nigerians flying the Nigerian flag high in South Africa and even Southern Africa.

Famous for being the Nigerian Television’s ‘bad boy’, Fabian Lojede is known for his portrayal of the ‘obnoxious’ Bola Abayomi in the South African, cross-continent hit drama series, ‘Jacob’s Cross’. The handsome actor and communication expert spoke with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper on Saturday 22nd of March 2014 in Pretoria. The interview focused on issues of unity within the Nigerian Community, his view about the Nigerian movie Industry Nollywood and the forthcoming Mr. Nigeria, South Africa.

Sharing his mind about the unity of Nigerians in South Africa, Fabian was of the opinion that Nigerian Consulate and Embassy need to help bring business to Nigerian businesses in South Africa.  “I think the Nigerians Consulate and Embassy also need to perhaps in my view, and I’m speaking now strictly from a business point of view help bring business to Nigerian businesses here. A lot of businesses come in from Nigeria into South Africa and you tend to see that they use companies, that perhaps, at times you find that some of the services that they require, you have Nigerians who have setup legitimately here, who are running companies that could offer the same kind of service”

Although it is not bad for Nigerian companies coming to do businesses in South Africa to employ the services of South African company, Fabian felt that “if there is a Nigerian company that can offer the same service here, especially if the money is coming in from Nigeria, there is nothing that stops them from initiating that.

He further advocated that Nigerian company or Nigerian that runs company in South Africa with similar offerings should be given first priority by companies coming in from Nigeria. He noted that this practice is favored by South African and American companies in Nigeria.  These companies would first consider using American or South African companies registered in Nigeria before using a Nigerian Company that is in Nigeria. “So for me I think that’s a huge element of the kind of unity that needs to be encouraged both within the Nigerian community and also with the Nigerian authorities enforcing or encouraging that form of business relationship”, Fabian emphasized.

A man of many parts, it was difficult for Fabian to put aptly describe himself in few words.  In summing up himself, Fabian said “I don’t know how to describe myself because I do so many things. Well, I come from advertising and creative background, I run a production company, an advertising and media company in South Africa, and once in a while I do a bit of acting”.

The communication strategist also shared insights about his recent projects.  “My production company is working on a couple of production and film ideas. We are shooting a feature film sometime this year called Coma and we have also developed a new TV drama series that we intend to shoot mostly in Nigeria called Eko Vibes which is about Nigerian music industry, it’s been a two year project we have already shot the pilot and the first episode and now we are partnering with a TV station in Nigeria to basically broadcast across board. So we’ve got quite a number of productions in the pipeline”.

Reflecting on the Nigerian movie industry, the Nollywood, Fabian cleared the air on some talks about the misconceptions about the industry.  “I hear people say things about Nollywood being twenty to twenty five years old, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Nollywood seem to mean a particular type of movies coming out of Nigeria and not necessarily the Nigerian movie industry as a whole, because for me, the Nigerian movie industry is not 20 years old, the Nigerian movie industry for me dates way back from the 50’s. And when I trace that back that is not 20 years old. So for me, I don’t define the history of the Nigerian film as Nollywood”.

Fabian will be sitting as the head judge amongst seven (7) others for the forthcoming Mr. Nigeria South Africa, 2014. He welcomes the idea of the contest for the Nigerian community and sees it as a way of uniting Nigerians in South Africa. “I welcome this great initiative which is a form of empowerment for young Nigerians in South Africa and a way of rebranding Nigeria. It is a project we all ought to be proud of and support. I will definitely support the pageant and throw my weight behind it in order to make it a success”

Fabian appreciates the role The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is playing within South Africa and its impact in society. He went on to advise that a lot of effort should also be put to develop a huge online following, as this will be beneficial to the growth of the publication.

Fabian Lojede was born in Nigeria and holds a B.Sc. Honors degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a Creative Strategist and Production Consultant. Fabian has worked extensively in South Africa since 2003 on creative development, execution and production of major Pan-African campaigns.

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