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On Wednesday 10th of August 2016, our reporter sat down exclusively with a passionate Nigerian citizen based in Johannesburg, South Africa popularly known as “FOV”; an acronym coined out from his names Fagbamigbe Oluwatosin Victor. The sit-down exclusive chat took place at his Nigel residence besides Springs in the East of Johannesburg at around 11am. The chat focused on knowing the man behind the name and the inspiration of the man’s strong passion and belief in Nigeria amongst other issues.

Unlike some of his fellow countrymen, FOV unequivocally declared that he enjoys associating with Nigerians who are good ambassadors of the country. He admits that while he knows quite a number of Nigerians in South Africa but not on name basis.“I can vividly tell you, without journeying a distance for verification that I know a good number of Nigerians, just that it may be impossible to know everyone by names. Although, I often come across many but reluctantly associate with them for objectivity and on reasonable grounds”

“I enjoy associating with Nigerians who are good Ambassadors of the country.
I don't despise anybody but my gestures may be reluctant to associate with anyone who probably is not projecting the image of the country in a good way or doing nothing in re-branding the country from the spoilt milk she has been feed for years”, he stated unabashedly. 

Speaking with patriotic fervor, FOV said; “so basically, it depends on the classification. However, I enjoin to share the important reasons to do more right and change the fame of the country. I only express displeasure in people who embark on a kind of military rocket like speed to propagating negativity or indulging in crime related activities that could further jeopardize the country's image. So, these grounds define my associations with our brothers and sisters, and determine whether to dine with them or frown at the acts they are involved in and not the person”.

Mr. Fagbamigbe Oluwatosin Victor (FOV) is a politically conscious young man, a constructive social critic and a propeller of good welfare of the people both in Nigeria and in the diaspora. He is a consummate businessman in logistics sector. He runs "BLESSEDBW TRANSPORT" in partnership with his Ethiopian friend. The company operates a few numbers of trucks from the smallest toners to the Super links and tricycles trucks in conveying consignments to neighboring countries depending on the service delivery destinations within and outside South Africa. 

FOV is an indigene of Ekiti State from Ise/Orun Local Government Area in Ekiti South Senatorial District in the South Western region of Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literary Studies from Ado Ekiti University. He also bagged a professional Certificate in General Communication and Art Sciences in Australia. He is presently running a conceptualized degree course in Human Resources Management at the Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.

Fagbamigbe Oluwatosin Victor arrived South Africa in 2012.  With the dedication and commitment of a good Ambassador of Nigeria, the patriotic FOV has also lived and worked in a few other countries across the globe cutting across some countries within Asia, some parts of United Arab Emirate such as Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, United Kingdom (London) and parts of Africa such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Lesotho.

FOV insists that all Nigerians have to be passionate about their country. He believes that no patriotic country man should do less of what he is doing. In fact, he feels Nigerians are not doing enough and as such he wonders why Nigerians as a people have not applied the mental capacity, intelligence and physical agility that they are blessed with to change the face of governance in Nigeria. Answering his own question, opines that the level of consciousness (among his people) is yet to rise to its peak. 

Keeping with his patriotism,  the first for him in the morning, after his prayers is to check the Nigerian News updates, development in governance, state of the Nation as well as currency trading. So, from time to time his unadulterated commitments is concentrated on the Nigeria government, their performances, unfolding events as he always wants to know how the government policies will affect the lives of the citizens and bring growth to the nation. He feels if Nigerians don't follow up, how do they then express disaffection for any obnoxious policies in government? He affirms, "So, I am passionately committed to entrenching good governance as much as all Nigerians should be too, not just the people in power" stated FOV.

FOV gave his candid opinion on the state of the nation and the effort of President Buhari so far: "I personally worked and voted for President Buhari because Nigerians in the democratic settings were tired and needed change from the 16 years journey of the PDP without any much dividends of Democracy. So, when Nigerians decided to exterminate the rule of PDP in the country, I voted for profiles and personalities”.

“On the State of the Nation under the Administration of President Muhammed Buhari, First of all, I want to commend the effort of His Excellency President Muhammed Buhari for the giant strides from the inception of this Administration. His tempo of discipline is of no doubt that his stance has unveiled shady revelations that are unknown to Nigerians on how our public wealth have been diverted, financial fornications with the state treasury, the padded budgets at the National Assembly and his combative fight against uprooting corruption is undoubted even though the fights is fast losing its credibility from my personal perspective".

He further went on to give his reasons why he feels the fight against corruption is fast losing its credibility “But one thing, I will disagree completely with in the present administration, is that PMB in his bid to uproot Corruption should spread the fight across all parties and not concentrate on the opposition parties if the fight has to bring the desired results. Having the victims of corruption only from the opposition is proof that he is stylishly corrupting corruption himself. So, in other to clear the looming problem of anarchy, instability and purported witch-hunting. PMB should delve deeper into those alleged; irrespective of their past and present positions, and affiliations for some are seen as the presidential boys”. 

FOV then made it clear that he is in full support of the fight against corruption. “I am not against the fight, I am 101% in support of the fight, but let it not be limited to opposition or perceived enemy of the State. The President should let it cut across parties and not shield his boys or presumed persons who are now in good rapour with the presidency”.

In the conclusion of our chat, Mr. Fagbamigbe Oluwatosin Victor spoke about the unity of Nigerians in South Africa, his advice to Nigerians in South Africa and his impression of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper.

As for the Unity of Nigerians in South Africa he emphatically said that Nigerians need to be done with tribal segregation. He said Nigerians are united, but not as much as the one that holds roots. He said if Nigerians as a people of a country talk about Unity, then they should have a common voice irrespective of the location East or West, If Nigerians are vehemently united, then they should be contributing a quota in the system of South Africa "Either we like it or not, Nigeria is a great Nation apart from the fact that it is the most populous in Africa, we are contributing a viable part in the Economic System of South Africa and that alone should give us an edge in decision making as to what should be done in terms of people's welfare particularly on immigration laws, considerations and co-existence of foreigners at large". 

He went further to state that: "there shouldn't be a topic like disintegration of Nigeria as a country which is still a verbal crossfire among the ethnics, So the fact that our unity is not firm enough is a prove that more work need to be done to form a formidable force and influence government policies unlike our purported present unity".

His candid advice to Nigerians living in South Africa is to try hard to be good ambassadors of the country wherever they go and in anything they do. Most importantly, they cannot compare the facility present in South Africa to that which is home. For instance he talked about people studying with candle stick is at this time and level a National embarrassment but here in South Africa its different, So these opportunities should be made use of to acquire conceptual knowledge that will enable them contribute in magnanimity to the Social integration, development back home and here in South Africa. 

His advice to Nigerians is that they should change the mentality of the generality and prove the world wrong that they can be dynamic in nature and exhibit more of their positive sides over the known negativity making merry.

For the new immigrants planning to come to South Africa, FOV said that “I often ask them questions like what their plans are when they arrive in the Republic? Some yield advice while others discards it with their ridiculous thoughts of not wanting them to succeed”. He said he ensures that he spends quality time if need be to orientate them on the possibilities and challenges that may confront them in a foreign Land. So he inspires and advices them to set a goal, achievable goals and pursue it relentlessly if they must come to the republic rather than coming to becoming nuisance and ending up at the mercy of committing crimes for survival.

On The Nigerian Voice Newspaper he opined that; The Nigerian voice Newspaper as a media establishment is not doing lesser than what is expected, Kudos to the management of the media house and profound salute to the brain behind the operations of the establishment. I personally have read about the Newspaper, saw it was the only media granted access to interview President Buhari when he came on a summit to South Africa the last time and many other issues that the media has attended to. 

It is indeed a double and job well done.  I am only optimistic that a respectable Newspaper known across the 9 provinces of the Republic of South Africa will continue in the good track records and improve to bigger dreams like having their own TV stations where broadcast are made. They should concentrate more efforts on affairs of Nigerians in South Africa where grievances are being channeled to the Nigeria Government and South Africa government. 

I am looking forward to a media house that will extend its tentacle across South Africa to other Nations. I am looking forward to a media house that will be fervent in its representations as the Nigeria Voices without compromise. 

That is the media house I am looking forward to see in years to come and I encourage Nigerians to continue to storm their office and direct all form of concerns to them as a sign of Unity and vote of confidence, he concluded.

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