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The Speaker of House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal has commended His Excellency, the Nigerian Consul-General, Mr Okay Emuchay (MFR), on Tuesday 3rd of September 2013 night at an organised dinner.

The Speaker commended the Consul-General for bringing all Nigerians living in South Africa together. He stated this at the dinner organized for him and other members attending the 59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Johannesburg. The Nigerian Voice newspaper publisher was among the guests at the dinner hosted by the Nigerian Consulate in Johannesburg.

In his opening speech, the Consul General said that Nigeria has a large population living in all the nine provinces of South Africa. He said the dinner was organized to provide opportunity for Nigerians living in South Africa to interact with the leadership of the national assembly.

Emuchay said that “there are 152 South African companies which are active in our economy as at today and more are still coming. This rush shows that there is something in Nigeria that is attracting them. But there is need for Nigerian businessmen to take advantage of the business opportunities in South Africa and bridge the gap to grow our economy through competition,’’ Emuchay said.

Emuchay further went on to plead with the Speaker; “we have all what it takes at home, be it human, natural and population to outplay South Africa” “we plead with you because it is not every time we have opportunities’ like this, when we do, we embrace them and share our thoughts with you so you can take them back home”

In his reply, Tambuwal called on Nigerians to sustain the good image of the country in South Africa. ``I say to you continue the good work because I have heard that so many Nigerians living here are doing very well.

``Though a few of you engage in activities which violate the laws of your host country, majority of you are doing very well. ``I plead with you to continue in that direction.

“Ensure that all you do here is legitimate and engage in activities that can make you earn a living within the confines of the law and be a proud Nigerian,’’ Tambuwal said.

The Speaker also said that the National Assembly would soon conclude deliberations on the Diaspora Bill, now before the house. According to the Speaker, the Diaspora Bill was designed to integrate the potentials of the nation’s citizens living abroad. He said the bill would enable the nation to harness ``the contributions of our fellow compatriots towards the development of the country without their leaving the country of their residence”

The speaker said the contribution of ideas by Nigerians in Diaspora had become important towards the development of the country. He told members of the Nigerian community in South Africa to continue to keep in touch with developments at home. ``The challenges in Nigeria are enormous. ``You should try to know the legislators representing you both at the state and national assembly.

``If you have any idea of what can be done to improve our economy and build our nation, don’t hesitate to pass it on to the legislators representing you.

``That is why we are there at the assembly, we are there to make laws for the country and support the government to do what is right.

``It will help us to function well as law makers if we get contributions from Nigerians living at home and abroad. We are very much available and accessible.

``Don’t leave us all alone. We need your contribution.  It is up to us, collectively as Nigerians, whether we live in the Diaspora or live at home, to continue to work together, ’’ Tambuwal said.

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