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The tales of death of Miss Naizi Evah; a 20 years old Nigerian lady, and a final year student at the Vaal University of Technology in Vandebijlpark, Gauteng took a new turn of event on Friday 30th 2014 during a meeting held at the Vaal University of Technology between the University Senior Management, Nigeria High Commission, Nigeria Union South Africa and The Nigerian Voice Newspaper. The deceased was stabbed to death in her room at the premises of the University.

The worrying concerns in the Nigerian Community as to how the case would be handled was confirmed when an alleged statement made on Tuesday the 27th of May 2014 by Investigating Officer in charge of the case was brought to the notice of the Nigerian Delegation by the management of the University.

The IPO (Investigating Police Officer) Warrant Officer Westaff of Vandebijlpark Police Station allegedly remarked that “the family of the deceased and the Nigerian Consulate are full of shit”. Officer Westaff was noted to have said this to the University members, Mr. Ehizokhae and Mr. George who accompanied him to the residence of the deceased to retrieve her travelling documents”. Surprised by the Officer’s remark, one of the University staff asked, “Why is that?”.

Officer Westaff responded, “the family told the consulate that the Police is not doing enough and the consulate called him to put him under pressure. If the Nigerian government does not want their people to be killed in South African, they must ship all Nigerians back to their country. The deceased is not even a South African neither is the suspect, now the SAPS and the South African Government must spend his resources and time investigating this useless murder case.”

In an E-mail response the University staff stated, “I strongly hope that the university takes the comment made by the IPO very seriously and act upon it!”
The University Management reacting to Officer Westaff’s remark, stated in an email; “We would wish to distance ourselves from such statement as it does not augur well for the relationship which the South African Government has with the Nigerian Government… the matter of Naizi’s death has also been reported to the Department of Higher Education and Training by the undersigned (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) and so will this matter”.

In other reaction to the statement, Dr. Segopane Seroka a senior management staff of the University made it clear in an email “There is already reasonable apprehension of bias, xenophobia and unfair discrimination”.

On a visit to the Police Station by the Nigerian Community representatives and the university top management, the station commander, Col. van Schalkwyk, noted that “if indeed the IPO said what he allegedly said to you, that is not how they conduct business and that’s why his side of the story will still have to be heard.  Col. van Schalwyk further assured the Nigerian delegation that he will immediately replace the IPO from the Naizi’s murder case because of the alleged statement made by him. This promise was welcomed by both the VUT delegation and Nigerian delegation.

The commander also advised the Evah family to contact him through a given number and “also to make sworn statements about what was said by the IPO so that justice can be done on this matter and indeed on Naizi’s murder case.”

Present at the meeting were Prof Gordon N. Zide, Dr Seroka, Mr Khuboni, Kaunda Zide and some other staff of the University. Representing the Nigerian delegation were Mr. A.K Balogun- Consul in charge of Consular Matters, Nigeria High Commission Pretoria, Mr. Ikechukwu Anyene President Nigeria Union and Mr. Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele Publisher/CEO the Nigerian Voice Newspaper.

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