Posted by Frank Ozue on Sunday, July 6, 2014

Experience the bushveld and romance of a real Africa in this extraordinary park or indulge in a holistic spa at a luxury game lodge or get your pulse racing on an invigorating African blend of Dee bee wines and savanna merlot produced by the top Nigerian wine-making companies.

Commissioned in 2004 by her Royal Highness; Queen Elizabeth of England as the largest public national park in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria. The park which has a narrow river running through its center and the remains of what is probably more  extensive riverside woodland which clings to its edge offers  a wide range of social services such as golf course, volleyball court, swimming pools, sports ground, coffee shops, restaurants, picnic facilities, and luxurious five star suites accommodation in a close proximity.

The center welcomes fun seekers, tourism thirsty individuals of all kinds to explore the beauty of this world famous park. Its surrounding river starts from a distant hill, and many Abuja birds use it as a corridor to get from one area to the other.

Treat your little ones to this paradise and expose them to heaven on earth kind of life using the kids’ facilities available in this environment where they will view the stars and constellation of Nigerian skies from the comfort of this millennium park of the art celestial theatre. Better still, you can let the little ones be entertained at the various educational shows at the planetarium while the older kids learn about stargazing and local astronomy.

 Discover the joy of the Nigerian award-winning wine and cuisines in any of the beautiful Abuja wine places as you go through the green valley of the historic town. Also, visit the vineyard of the country first winemakers who’s Sherries, spot, brandies and intriguing white and red are world famous for their delicate flavor and savory palatability’s. You can as well pack for yourself a cooler bag with gin and tonic, lemons, and a packet of highly salted crisps and climb the golf car and head out for a cool evening drive and enjoy a memorable experience of a life time.

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