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This is the last part of the focus on Ankara series we started last year. (It doesn’t mean we are closing the Ankara chapter totally). So far so good, it’s been quite enlightening and interesting to see the versatility of our beautiful Ankara Fabric which is used to make a variety of designs like tops, skirts, trousers, gowns, shorts…to name a few. The fabric has evolved into a huge phenomenon and is slowly taking over the fashion world…..yes!  If you are loving print at the moment, adding Ankara to your range of fashion accessories is adding fun and excitement to your wardrobe. Some people are a bit hesitant to wear print much more Ankara due to its bold and loud designs. If you are in such category of people, don’t worry. You can still make a statement while rocking Ankara minimally.

Accessories are a huge part of any well put together outfit or wardrobe. An accessory is used to contribute, complete and compliment a wearer’s look (Both men and women). The men are also not left out. These days’ fashionable men are making major fashion statements by incorporating bold printed accessories into their outfits. From head to toe, you will always have something from Ankara to adorn. Accessories like neck pieces to hair bands to earrings, rings, brooches, bangles, hand fans, phone and IPad/laptop cases, umbrellas, ties, cravats, belts, suspenders, wristwatch straps, shawls and gloves are pieces you can use to appear classy, sophisticated, expensive or quirky. These accessories can be paired with dresses of all types, shirts, plain t-shirts, jeans and printed/patterned blouses or dresses, but be sure not to wear with bold or strong patterns because the accessories already have a lot of detailing.

Wear Ankara print bangles with a plain or floral dress or Transform a simple basic top/blouse by wearing a statement Ankara print neckpiece to inject colour and style to it. Or you can pair Ankara scarf, brooch and belt with all black clothing. The Ankara prints accessories are special so you accentuate them not by stealing the attention from them with other fashion items of your outfit. You can keep them in the spotlight by wearing solid coloured outfits. A quick tip - wearing Ankara/print from head to toe is a big No, No!! You have to wear a loud piece (Ankara/print) one at a time to avoid been referred to as a clown (No one wants that). Please always remember to balance things out.

Another trick to really stand out in your Ankara print accessories is to pick your Ankara accessory and then build the whole outfit around it to avoid creating a visually challenging appearance. Wondering where you can wear this to? It can be worn to every occasion, event, work, church, parties, dates, school lectures.....the list is endless.

Since accessories make up an outfit, why not incorporate Ankara accessories with your outfit for a stylish look. The Ankara swag is totally hot, classy and simply irresistible.

Enjoy your Ankara and above all, have fun with them. Just remember not to overdo it. Chao!

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