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International Association of Asylum Seekers and Refugee -  IAASR– Pretoria, Gauteng

IAASR is a charity organization that provides support services for the welfare and empowerment of asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa, through skills training, orientation counseling and other settlement programs.

International Association of Asylum Seekers and Refugee was FORMALLY
International West Africa Asylum. The organization seeks public-spirited individuals with strong commitment to humanity and human rights to serve on its board of trustees as members.

Interested candidates must be individuals with passion for human welfare, selfless attitude to
service, commitment to voluntary work and human rights and a fair knowledge of working of Not Profit Organization. He/she must have at least 8 years work experience in any field, two of which must be at managerial level.

Trustees’ responsibilities include:

1. Perform advisory roles towards the smooth-running of the organization;
a. By deploying their knowledge, skills and networks for the specific needs of the charity
b. Facilitating external professional expertise when appropriate

2. Perform oversight functions such as fund-raising initiatives and activities

3. Oversee the delivery of the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it
    has been set up

4. Ensuring that the charity complies with charity law, its own governing document and other
    relevant legislations

5. Ensuring that the charities funds and assets are use only to further the objects (or
    purpose) of the charity

Interested candidate should please forward his/her detailed profile
to the organization email:

For more information, please contact:
Office telephone: 01-27717913
Office Address:  204, Sunny Fair Building: 171 Esselen Street Sunnyside, Pretoria.

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