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So we took a break from the Ankara series that started last year. We are considering Ankara blocking this time i.e. mixing and matching different Ankara designs in one’s very possible. Colour blocking is a not a new trend, in fact it seems to be fading off little by little. By fading off I mean, it’s not as loud as when it started trending whereby it was okay for you to wear up to 5 different colours in one outfit. These days fashion savvy people are limiting it to two (2) different colours per outfit or 1 pop of bright colour per outfit. The latest trend so far has been, mixing prints/stripes/patterns and Ankara is not left out.....oh yes! This style trend is mainly suited for summer but can also be won in winter if combined well.

Ankara can be worn in various ways because of its different vibrant patterns of very rich colourful designs. It was initially worn to church Sunday service, and as Aso ebi to funerals and marriage celebration, but these days more and more people are getting them and wearing them regularly, to work and even to any type of special events; making them into simple comfortable/glamorous outfits. Contrary to the fashion blunder which is mixing prints was “too loud” or “too busy” or “too childish”, mixing and matching Ankara fabrics is now uniquely interesting and it exudes stylish boldness. They say colours have different meanings and wearing these colours is an expression of a person’s personality or feelings at that moment, mixed and matched print designs can also express the individual feelings and are now a “Must have” for every fashionable individual, even When combined with plain fabrics the outcome is lovely. It can be a dress, a blouse, short or long gown, a jacket, a clutch bag, handbag, sandals, Caftan, evening gown, skirt, corporate dress or a casual shirt, slippers, purses, wristbands, bangles, earrings, wristwatch straps and so on. It takes major courage for you to mix these Ankara prints because you will definitely make a statement.

Here are a few tips on how to mix and match your Ankara fabrics;

Balance large prints with small prints and find a common colour in each print so that there is a connection between the pieces.

Use neutrals in accessories like neck pieces, scarves, belts, handbags and shoes. It’s okay to use different colours of the same print.

You can also mix Ankara with lace though this isn’t entirely new, but you can put your own new spin to it by mixing a totally different colour of lace with Ankara. E.g. you can mix a bright red lace with green Ankara.

Try mixing polka dots or stripes with Ankara; you will definitely turn heads when you try this. Most of us have loads of Ankara styles in our wardrobe we do not wear it often. So with the old styles you have you can easily mix them. For example you can mix a different Buba with a different Iro, just make sure they have a common colour.

Try out this style with these tips and you will be a sight for sore eyes....wink, wink. Plus the Ankara swag is totally hot, classy and simply irresistible. Enjoy!

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