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Omolaja Quadri Domeih popularly known as Damani launched his music Promotions Company-Damani Music Promotions with a big bang in Pretoria, South Africa. 

The event was attended by friends and fans of the performing artist many of whom donated sum of money in support of the launch. The aim of the company is to produce music and promote music artistes.

Damani, while addressing his guests, thanked them for showing him so much support. “I am so happy and so impressed tonight that a lot of people turned up for this great event. In my life I will say this is the first time to have done such a thing, I have never done such before. So, I give God the glory that everything was so nice and it went well. I give praise to almighty God first. Then after that I will say thank you to my wife. She’s been there for me from day one till this time. Wow! This is my dream. I just want to be a producer and an entertainer. To God be the glory! The dream is coming true. I feel blessed that my dream is coming true. I appreciate everyone that is here, the event is so elegant. I feel so so so blessed”, Damani enthused.

According to his wife, Thelma Samantha Domeih, owning a music label and promotion is a long dream come true for Damani. Speaking to our reporter, she said:

“I am the wife of Damani, he is having an event tonight. The event is basically about the launch of his music promotions company, and this is what he has been trying to do for a long time, finally he’s done it and we are here to support him. I am also here to show my support as his wife and every other person is here to show their support”.

Thelma thanked everyone present at the occasion, as she prayed for her husband assuring him of her full support and loyalty. “I just want to say thank you to everybody who is here and showing their support. It was a great night, everything went well, and we are grateful for that; no interruptions, no complications I am very happy. I wish him success, may his business continue to grow, may he continue to prosper and be greater than what he is now. May all his dreams become reality and I just want to say to him; I will be there every step of the way, no matter what; if we down or up, I am going to be there for him every step of the way”, said elated Thelma.

The event was livened up by the performances of three Nigerian musicians- Oluomo G1 a contemporary gospel artiste, Yomi Akins a Nigerian Juju highlife artiste and Orioma a Fuji artiste. The three artistes gave the guests exhilarating taste of their brands of music and got everyone dancing all night.

Reacting to the importance of the event, Oluomo G1 was full of praises for Damani Music Promotions for putting up such a wonderful and well-planned event.  “Damini Music Promotions has done something wonderful tonight and I feel great. I am happy and feel very okay with everything that has happened today.  Everything went well. Damani Music Promotions has come to stay in South Africa. I came here to sing and support him. Thank you all for coming, “ Oluomo G1 said.

In the same spirit of appreciation, Yomi Akins expressed his appreciation for the support given to him by Damani.  “My name is Yomi Akins and I am a Nigerian Juju highlife musician, also one of the guest artistes here tonight. I really appreciate everyone for turning up because it was a great event today. It started in a little way but gradually built up to become something big, something everyone wants to see. So am going to say a big thank you to everyone who is here, every participant; to the Chairmen, Chair ladies, Mr. Niyi Thevoice and every single person, we appreciate you all. 

 “I just want to say that each of your events you are having: be it naming, wedding, birthday or any event kindly contact Yomi Akins, you will get the best of juju music”.

Finally, the king of Fuji Music in South Africa Orioma after performing and trilling the guests was delighted that a good music promoter has finally surfaced to assist them grow in their trade “I am Orioma a Fuji Musician in South Africa. Thank you very much to everyone who came for the event. You have all seen how things went. We give glory to God who made us see today and that everything went well according to plan. There was no fighting or trouble in any form. Damani Music promotions God will continue to give you wisdom and the ability to continue this wonderful work”. 

The Nigerian Voice Newspaper says kudos to Mr. Omolaja Quadri Domeih for inviting the newspaper to such a wonderful event. We wish him all the best and will continue to support him in all he does in the future. We call on other Nigerians to emulate Mr. Damani by promoting and supporting everything good about Nigeria in South Africa.

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