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They say women are obsessed with bags and shoes. We can’t be blamed; there are too many of them with beautiful designs and shapes. Asides the fact that they are a necessity; they are now an integral part of a lady’s fashion life. No outfit is complete without the appropriate pair of shoes and lovely bags!

Now back to the topic. A lot of creativity has gone into the use of Ankara for different purposes. Wearing bold colors, patterns and prints is hot right now, so Ankara shoes and bags are seen around everywhere (literally all over the world) and to say they are beautiful is an understatement. They are gorgeous and more. One can use any type of Ankara print to fabricate a shoe or bag. The Ankara material usually has a blend of different colors and so having an Ankara bag/shoe would earn you a lot of stares (of admiration). Also, they can be paired with anything, ranging from casual to corporate and even traditional wear.

You can get a glamorous appeal with Ankara print shoes and bags. The shoes can be  platforms, pumps, wedges, ballet flats, sandals, you name it; the Ankara materials have even been used in stilettos, while the bags range from clutch to totes &purses and so much more. Not leaving out the men, they can also rock the Ankara footwear; they are made as sneakers, sandals, slip-on, and formal shoes.

The best way is to stand out in your Ankara print shoes and bags is to select your Ankara accessory and then build the whole outfit around it to avoid creating Colour riot that affects vision. Shoes and bags speak for themselves and spell your fashion sense. The Ankara prints accessories are special so you accentuate them and not steal the attention from them with other fashion items of your outfit. You can keep them in the spotlight by wearing solid coloured outfits.

When spotting print shoes, don’t stick to neutral coloured outfits alone; with the prints you have the chance to sport some of the bright tones, but when you do this, make sure these complements the shade of shoes and the structure. And if you want to play safe you can wear dark coloured cloths, pair it up with your Ankara bag and shoe, you will still stand out. They can be worn anywhere, anytime, to any function (casual or formal). And for men, it is better to wear one tone colour with the Ankara shoe i.e. you can wear all black or all white with a very bright Ankara shoe.

It’s important to be confident while wearing it, so ladies and gents don’t be afraid to rock the Ankara print bag and shoes, make a bold statement this festive season. Have a very Merry Christmas! Ciao!

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