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South Africa: The Ministry of foreign Affair, Nigeria has approved the transfer of five staff of the Diplomatic Mission in South Africa back to Nigeria. The transfer is normal practices of the Ministry in its effort to improving the services Nigerians get from their missions worldwide.

The transferred staffs that are both from the High Commission Pretoria and the Consulate office in Johannesburg have given their best to Nigeria and Nigerians during the course of their service in South Africa. They have been diligent, hard working and very professional during the discharge of their duties. Three of the transferred staffs are from the Nigerian Consulate Office in Johannesburg, while the other two are staffs of the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria.

The transferred staff are as follows:

1. Mr Peter Lambart; Consular Immigration and Information Nigeria High Commission,
2. Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Bashiru: Consular Matters and Education Nigeria High
    Commission, Pretoria.
3. Mr. Erubu Bashar Ahmed; Consul Commerce and Documentation Nigeria Consulate,
4. Rahila S.J Zubairu; Admin. Attache 1 Nigeria Consulate, Johannesburg
5. Mrs Grace Ekere; Secretary Nigeria Consulate, Johannesburg.

Our reporter went out to sort the views of some Nigerians who have had contacts with some of the transferred staff, and they were full of praise for their outstanding work ethics. Mr. Afeeze Oyekunle and Mr. Ifeanyi Nwosu spoke all most on the same line about Mr. Erubu Bashir Ahmed and Mr. Peter Lambart who were both nominated for an award of Most Outstanding Diplomatic personality in the 2013 Nigeria Independence Gala Dinner and Community Excellence Award. Mr. Afeeze Oyekunle said “When you are looking for staff of the missions who are very professional and direct in their duties and, the way they interact with Nigerians Mr Erubu and Mr. lambart are amongst those who will stand out, we will miss them in South Africa. We can only wish them the best where ever they are transferred to serve; we will surely miss them both”.

Also speaking to the Publisher/CEO of the Nigerian Voice Newspaper Mr. Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele, he stated that “For Mr. Erubu Bashar Ahmed and Mr. Peter Lambart to be nominated for an award at the 2013 Nigerian Independence Gala Dinner and Community Excellence Award shows how much they are appreciated”. He continued “My first experience with Mrs Rahila S.J Zubairu was at the airport when we went to receive Nigerian former President Olusegun Obasanjo, she gave a good impression of herself, and she is a very friendly person who takes her responsibilities seriously”.

“Personally I will miss them all because I have always had a personal relationship with each and every one of them; they have always been there for me and have contributed to the improvement of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper”

The Nigerian community in South Africa wishes them well and they will surely be missed and looking forward to new staff that will take over from them.

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