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As a child I disliked all products which had wheat content. But as I grew older I developed some liking for it. The more I ate the more I enjoyed it, plus it came with some fiber benefits in it. As time went by I started to notice that every time I had breakfast with wheat contents, I would develop unbearable heat sensation in my stomach, causing bloating and constipation. I started to cut down on wheat products; I noticed that it was really becoming bad for me. I went through the nutritional fact and came across the word gluten as an ingredient. So, I substituted what I ate for my wheat contents cereal breakfast with brown bread. Still, I had the same results as before.  I thought it had to be the yeast, but yet again on the bread label I came across Gluten. I noticed that almost all products in the market which fall on the carbohydrate group contained this, and there would be awareness on the nutritional fact, that traces of gluten could be in the ingredients. This made me realize that gluten was my main problem.

 So what is Gluten? Gluten is an elastic protein found in wheat and a lot of different related grains. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are very important for our body's development. Gluten, on the other hand also gives dough its elasticity helping it to rise, and it adds the chewy texture.  It has been discovered that anyone can develop gluten intolerance or sensitivity at any age, which could cause serious medical condition known as celiac if the intake is not reduced or cut off. Gluten intolerance or sensitivity affects the gut area. It is caused by undigested gluten proteins from wheat, which the digestive system ends up treating them like foreign invading properties. This causes discomfort and irritation to the stomach. Not only do they cause irritation but they also flatten the micrivilli which are like little hairs in the small intestine wall. These micrivillies absorb nutrients from digested food and the body uses these nutrients to sustain itself. Now if these little hairs like micrivillies are damaged due to gluten or can not cope well due to gluten, it becomes difficult for them to absorb nutrients!! This will definitely disrupt homeostasis, compromising the immune system. If you find yourself in the same situation with gluten, make changes to your diet, regular exercise and intestinal therapeutic massage will do you some justice. For those who's intolerance has now become a medical condition it is advisable to seek medical attention and get good treatment. Our core area is the centre of our body systems. If your stomach is not functioning well it affects other organs, causes brain fog which stresses the body out and makes it sluggish. Cut down on gluten and get your health back!!!

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