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Are you looking for the perfect place for honeymoon, renewing your marriage vow, venue for International Conference or birthday party? Or a long holiday of munching sandwiches, picnics or relaxation? Or places where you can watch the bird swoop down into the river to get their own lunch? Look no further! Azumini Blue River is the perfect place to be.

The center which is centrally located in Azumini, South of Aba, in Abia State, the South Eastern part of Nigeria is enormously endowed with tourist facilities and natural potentials. These include an amazing blue river, a natural cave, waterfall, lake, spring water as well as domestic wild animals such as the monkeys and birds etc, all assembling in order nature designs.
The Aba Cultural Group performances and some recent technological development at the centre also add to the special attractions for tourists who choose the ancient city as their travel destination.
Also, the aesthetically-pleasing blue river near the centre is another marvel for tourists. It is surrounded by the beauties of nature and many wild attractions, particularly where it reaches the majestic rapid. The river which was named after its gorgeous sapphire color has a stunning view of crystal clear water and abundant sandy beaches and opportunity for canoe rides. It is easy to spot fish darting underneath the transparent surface while relaxing on some chairs or beach umbrellas that are available or perhaps on top of the blanket next to the crystalline water. The sparkling blue river has grown popular with local and foreign tourists as a holiday spot.

The center also provide a wide range of services for events and social functions such hall facilities and  a deliciously prepared grilled BBQ served with veggies and choice of bake potato or French fries. It is a perfect place to bring and share a picnic or use the BBQ facilities available or perhaps to grill some freshly caught fish from the blue river.
The Azumini centre at the heart of Azumini metropolis and its blue river welcomes both local and foreign tourists to its warm hospitality and tranquil.

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