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WHAT WONDERS REMAIN IN NATURE AS Hot water 70oc gushes out of a rock in the Western part of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

This warm spring meets with a cold spring by its side turning the water temperature into 37oc. It is noted in www.ekititourism.com “according to experts, it is a geological wonder to have such occurrence out of the same rock formation and this is Ekiti flagship tourist destination is said to be the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world”

 “The spring sprouts out and flow with a constant temperature and volume up to 150 liters/seconds from morning till night all seasons and all year round. The whole environment of the spring has been deliberately left un-tampered with for eco-tourism appeal while the source of the warm spring has been provided with a viewing structure for easy spotting by tourist. Strangely also, there is a tree and a palm growing from the same source at the meeting point area of the warm and cold spring. A wonderful work of mother nature”

As documented in Vanguardngr.com, July 14, 2013 edition, “There are a few legends surrounding the origin and discovery of the warm spring and have been passed down generations for centuries. One such myth says that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of a great hunter. One of the wives was said to be temperamental while the other was a quite woman. One day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husbands, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring.

Another legend has it that a powerful hunter, while hunting for animals in the forest, first found the warm spring. After the discovery, he went to town with the story and the townspeople on learning about curative powers of the spring, started to worship the spring”

A visit to the spring would carry a warm relaxing experience for tourist as presently the resort has an executive VIP chalet, three (3) VIP villas, twelve (12) western suits, seventy-five (75) standard rooms of different styles, themes and offerings and seven support staff quarters. Inclusive is a restaurant/bar, warm water (from the spring) swimming pool, nature spa/beauty center, gym/fitness shop, herbal shop, arts and craft shops for souvenirs items, 300 seats multi-purpose conference hall, 120 seat and 50 seat meeting and function rooms, variety/shopping mall, amphitheater, double standard rooms for students on excursion and campers, 300 car parking facility etc.

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