Posted by Ifedayo Oshin on Sunday, July 6, 2014

“He who asks for direction never get lost”, so says a proverb of the Yoruba people in the Western Nigeria. Simply put, if you do not ask question, you will not get answer, and if you do not get answer, you will get lost. So, the way forward, the way to success and victory is the way of question. Unasked question is a missed opportunity.

The great success stories, developments, scientific invention and technological advancement came about as a result of certain questions someone or a group of individuals seek to get answers for. An airplane was invented because the Wright brothers asked how one can fly in the sky. Henry Ford, though not an engineer, asked how can I make cars affordable for an average person. That’s how car was invented.

Nothing is ever achieved without giving it a thought, and in the course of that thought process a lot of minor and major questions are asked. It is in the attempting to find answers to these questions that great ideas, solutions to problems and great discovery are made.

Questions make you to focus on the solutions rather than the problems. Questions attract answers. The question is what questions are you asking yourself?  What direction are your questions leading you? What are you doing with the answers you are getting? 

A perfect example of the usefulness of question asking is the little children and young people and their penchant to ask questions tirelessly. They become smarter and wiser because they learn and grow as they ask questions. Don’t just give up when things turn out wrongly against your expectations. Ask yourself and others around you, what can I make of this experience? What is this situation teaching me? Where do I go from here? Rather than having self-pity or thinking suicide, ask yourself;  I lost my job, what next? I didn’t meet the target, so what? Where do I go from here?  And if things are looking up nicely, do not forget to ask questions; what else am I supposed to be doing? What really matters at this point in my life?

Questions are the navigator of great and successful people use it rightly always.

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