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Leke paced up and down the arrival lounge of the OR Tambo airport for the umpteenth time. He adjusted his Man U branded wristwatch with the timepiece on flight dashboard hanging above the massive ceiling of the arrival hall. Awed by the architectural beauty of the airport, he muttered, ‘I still can’t believe I am in Africa’.

He noted that 12 hours had passed since he escaped the unexpected interrogation at the OR Tambo immigration desk. “Wow’, he said to himself, I was almost deported”. His mind flashback on the mental torture by the stern looking white immigration officer who had asked him in his deep guttural Afrikaans accent; what brought you to South Africa, young man? 

Ehm, sir, ehm, holiday sir! Leke fumbled to answer. “Oh, I see’, said mockingly, the officer, ‘but your visa condition says …to attend 3 days religious event’.  ‘What do you have to say to that? What is today’s date, Mr….. what is eidelek?” “Adeleke sir’, Leke said, confused.  He thought, “Bros. Joe (the visa consultant) didn’t tell me about this. Hey, my God, what will I tell this wicked whiteman. And they say whiteman don’t collect bribe”.

An idea sprung up. “Yes sir! The event ended two months ago, but I decided to use my visa for holiday since I still have like two weeks left of my visa”. Gbam! The officer stamped Leke’s passport and waved him towards the exit.  “Enjoy your stay in…”, the officer said,  ‘…which part of South Africa are you visiting?” the officer asked as an afterthought.  “Lagos!” Leke blundered. The officer winced in unbelief.  “Sorry, Joesburg.. yes.., no, or Cape Town!”  He blurted as his perspiration mixed with teardrops dropped on the immigration desk. Realizing his state of desperation, the officer waved him off as he called out, “next!”

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