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Running on a low budget doesn't mean your overall look has to suffer and pay the price! The most useful beauty products can be found right in your kitchen... These ingredients can help you sustain your hair, skin and nails while going through a broken bank balance... A glowing, rejuvenated skin, hair and nails is a must have for both men and women, especially when you want to take on the world, both in the corporate or social scene. Not only will they leave you rejuvenated, but they will restore and put back the nutrients and enzymes needed, to help you maintain your flawless look... without any harmful harsh additives. Some of these ingredients can even be used for more than one treatment.

The first step is to know and recognize these beauty treats and fixes. Then, you are good to go! The first one we have is: BAKING SODA/ BICARBONATE - baking soda also known as bicarbonate, is good for soothing aching feet. Pour it into warm water. Then, soak your feet for a few minutes. It also helps to exfoliate facial skin. Mix with small amount of water to make mask a paste. Apply on your skin, do not rub. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse off, apply moisturizer and your skin should be bacteria free, have unnoticeable open pores and feel smooth on a touch. Have a baking soda bath to detox and sooth your entire body.

BROWN SUGAR OR SALT - both work as great hands and feet exfoliators! Add a little bit of olive oil to hold and for moisture, rub on your hands or on your feet. Rinse and moisturize. Do not use on your face, as these particles are too large and rough to use on your sensitive facial skin.

HONEY AND ADVOCADO - Mix the two and put on your skin to add moisture. Honey is humectants and has antibacterial properties which fight off bacteria and toxins.

OLIVE OIL - Can be used as makeup remover.  Pour a little on cotton wool, then wipe away. It works as a great cuticles softener. Pour a little in a cup, deep your fingers for a few minutes, wash your hands and moisturize. It also works on brittle nails.

ICE COLD WATER - Deep your fingers in ice cold water after applying nail polish for a quick dry. COCONUT OIL - it helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines. It aids with the appearance of stretch marks. Use as a whole body moisturizer and helps with both dry hair and scalp. It is also a great facial contour strengthener.

POTATOES - Two slices of potatoes, gets rid of dark circles around the eyes. LEMON - Lemon helps to lighten dark marks and whitens teeth and nails. Tightens pores and helps in collagen build up. It works wonders on remaining acne dark marks and dark elbows.

SPIRIT OR APPLE CIDER VINEGER - adds shine to hair and removes product build up, including relaxers. It also leaves hair soft. For those who love their curls' it is a must use. MILK – helps to soften skin. EGGS - Can be used to repair damaged hair. Use as hair protein mask, and facial mask to soften and tighten pores.

COFFEE - Coffee scrub can be used to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin replenished, firm and toned! It is also beneficial for tired skin and puffy eyes.

BLACK TEA - Due to the number of vitamins and minerals found in black tea! It can be used to fight wrinkles, soothes skin that is irritated from pimples, tones and tightens pores on oily skin when directly used on skin.

GINGER - It protects skin from damaging free radicals, brightens and firms skin. It also reduces inflammation on acne prone skin. For treatments that require two or more ingredients, it is best advised not to store the mixture for long, even in a refrigerator, as they don't have additives or preservatives that allow their prolonged use.  Also, harmful bacteria could grow inside them, causing more harm than good!


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