Men’s wear inspired!!!

Posted by Amanda Ibironke on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ladies there is a new wedding trend in town! It is the Agbada & Isiagu top style Aso ebi for women. This style trend has got to be the most outstanding. It takes a lot of guts, confidence, and self-belief for a lady to rock the Agbada/Isiagu top nicely and still look sexy.

Though men’s fashion for women come in varying styles like the shirt dress, oversized blazer, baggy pants…etc. (the list is endless) and it is  not new but a woman wearing the Agbada/Isiagu trend is certainly a head turner.

For those who don’t know, Agbada is a very unique clothing style. It is a wide shouldered flowing robe/gown won mostly by Nigerian men. It is a staple Yoruba fashion style, it is worn by men in high positions or for special occasions like weddings.It is usually decorated with different embroidery designs. Though its origin is from the Yoruba people it is worn throughout much of Nigeria by most men, such as kings and chiefs, and on ceremonial occasions like weddings and funerals. Wearing Agbada connotes importance, sometimes royalty (depends on the fabric used). Also, the Isiagu top is a Modern Igbo traditional attire for men. It is a top which resembles the African Danshiki/boubou worn with trousers or wrapper and hat. This is also won by men in high positions

Back to the women rocking this style; not all ladies can carry the agbada well and still look attractive because of the size and length. It is kind of boxy and not flattering for women, but confidence makes the wearer look sexy……lol. But for women that wear it, they alter the agbada generic design by making it short, reducing the arm length, wearing it with heels, rocking it with gele (Head Wrap), generally making it look less masculine. Nigerian designers like Mai Atafo made it look cool by incorporating it on his runway at LFW 2014, and we love it! Some Nigerian celebrities have been spotted wearing this trend like Yemi Alade.

Quite frankly, I am not one to naturally rock this trend but the ladies doing it are definitely rocking it well, making it tempting to try out….lol. And it seems to be gaining momentum amongst young ladies in Nigeria. So ladies, what do you think? Would you try out this trend? It won’t hurt trying it out, I am sure you would look awesome in it. Stay Fashionable!

Picture credit – 360nobs

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