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Mr. Aderele Oni, General Manager, First bank of Nigeria, South Africa and former Vice President South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce has emerged as the new president of the chamber at the Chamber Annual General Meeting held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Sandton, on Thursday 21st November 2013.

During the handover ceremony the outgoing President, Mr. Deon Bruwer stated his reason for stepping down that  his“ interest is in DRC and other places”, … I think for that reason it’s time to step down and ask Mr. Oni who is very passionate to step into that position.  Mr. Bruwer also announced that Ms. Zoe Molapisi, whom he said , is  very passionate about Africa will replace Mr. Oni as Vice-President, while Mr. Henry Hollingdrake will stay as treasurer, and Mrs. Dianna Games as Honorary CEO.

“Looking at the new year and the future lying ahead, I am very excited for everyone, for Nigerian business and for South Africa business, it’s definitely a plus going forward. I think we’ve made great progress this year, I believe it and I can see it in the statistics and I am sure the new President and Vice-President of the board will take it to a new level”, enthused the outgoing president.

Accepting his new position Mr. Oni said, “I will only say we thank you for being here today. I guess in the last 3 years this is the most attended Annual General Meeting so far, and it also makes it so colorful to have His Excellence Ambassador Yusuf in our midst. It’s another privilege sir, thank you for coming”.

He continued, “One thing I want to say is that the chamber under the leadership of Deon Bruwer has done so well, we have moved forward and we have been able to achieve so much. We will only say, as we move on to 2014, we will want more support, not just support but more active participation by members. Dean mentioned 3 committee’s earlier in one of his speech; membership committee, sponsorship committee and the rest, all aimed at having more members to participate in running the chamber, you can be rest assured that come next year we will involve you more, we will have more practical sessions that will contribute positively to our businesses. Without any doubts, the Nigerian mission as always been there for us and we will also tap more; work more with both the Nigerian mission and the South Africa authorities. So we thank you very much for coming and the privilege given to me to serve you. Thank you.

Also in her acceptance speech, the in-coming Vice President, Zoe Molapisi told members present “I just want to greet everybody and let you know that one of the things would be like an update in Nigeria. What it is in term of progress with some of the huge infrastructural development that certainly a lot of our members and a lot of business in South Africa has seen as an impediment in-terms of getting into some of the sectors we understand that there are opportunities. So maybe we can just put together one of those events that we talked about and update besides the opportunities, but let’s in that same breath just address what has been done about those impediments”.

“Another thing that we are wanting to do as a board going forward is really just to kind of like interact a little bit more with our members, we going to be doing road shows, so when we wanting to see you please don’t ask us why do you want to see me, we just want to interact, we want to understand how we can add more value to you as our members because one of the things we were discussing in the board meetings is that”.

She continued “If there was ever a time where there is a huge attraction in-terms of the interest in Africa, the bi-lateral between this two great nations in the continent between South Africa and Nigeria, this is the time and we want to make sure that our members are maximizing this moment, we are helping them to make sure they are mining those opportunities. The truth is the opportunities are there and the big thing is how do I mine those opportunities, how do I overcome the barriers to mining those opportunities, and that’s what we here for as a chamber. So please can we just have a little bit more two way conversation between us as a board, as rest of the membership”.

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