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“If Africa is to move forward, Nigeria and South Africa must come together and stand out. Words on the streets of Nigeria are that South Africa in terms of business is as big as Nigeria. It is therefore not in doubt that there is a quiet competition between both countries. But by and large, most businessmen agree that both countries need to synergize and constantly learn from one another. Nigeria and South Africa are the biggest economies on the African continent and if Africa must stand out it has to happen from both or either country.” 

Mr. Ameh Franklyn Adejo stated this while speaking about the upcoming Nigerian-South Africa Business Expo and Carnival, in South Africa during a telephonic interview with the Nigerian Voice Newspaper on the 18th of April 2014.

Mr.  Adejo is a lawyer and the Managing Director of Presleys Barristers & Solicitors Abuja, Nigeria, with 22 years of legal experience as a law lecturer in the University, and also served as Legal Advisor in the Banking, Capital Market, and Telecoms sub-sector. He is the Nigerian representative to Nigeria-South Africa Business Expo and Carnival saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the Nigerian sector and interfacing with government agencies especially Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) who are partners to the event. He is also charged with the responsibility of creating awareness, sourcing participants and funding for the event, and also to get every participant in Nigeria ready for the event.

The corporate lawyer noted that the event will play a big role in educating Nigerians and South Africans about doing business in both countries; “more than anything it will bring both countries together and when they see face to face and ask questions it will wipe away all the fears and restore confidence in one another. Certainly limits and barriers will dissolve and opportunities will be exposed and exploited for the mutual benefits of both countries and Africa in general”, Adejo stated.

The Nigerian-South Africa Business Expo and Carnival Representative is an ardent believer that Africa still remains virgin. He believes that Africa is still untapped compared to other known parts of the world, and as such Africa remains a destination of investment for rest of the world. “The snag is them knowing the routes into Africa and this is what the Business Expo will certainly begin to chant for the world”, he affirmed.

Expressing his view about investment in Nigeria, Mr. Adejo believes that “Nigeria and indeed her economy is vast and remains a factor in the economy of Africa and indeed of the world, we have vast untapped business opportunities in Nigeria, the people power cannot be overemphasized; Nigeria is packed with human capital sufficient to attend to any new opportunities”.

Talking about the impacts of the event on Africa, the lawyer stressed that unity is critical, and that Nigeria and South Africa have come a long way together and it is only important to encourage further business relationship among and beyond the two countries.

 “Unity is critical for the advancement of the people of Africa and this in no doubt will be achieved at the event amongst other things. Freedom is not really freedom until people can criss-cross the continent exchanging and buying ideas, and synergizing to advance their course. For a start Nigeria and South Africa have both come a long way and the only other way forward is to encourage business relationship across both borders. There is a lot in common as there are Nigerian businesses desiring to explore South Africa and vice versa. Mind you in the past we have entrants into Nigeria who have not regretted the decision today”, stated Mr.  Adejo.

Further emphasizing the importance of the upcoming business expo, the lawyer warned that so much still need to be done to get both countries on that pedestrian of joint working on the continent. He observed that since the bilateral agreement between both government, steps have been taken but private initiative with events like the Business Expo will be needed to give impetus and necessary support to speed up the process away from government bureaucracy. It is his belief that after the business expo so much will change for the better, opportunities will open and businesses will know how possible it is to go beyond usual limits.
The Nigerian-South Africa Business Expo and Carnival comes up between July and August 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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