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South Africa:  On the 14th of December 2013, in Hugthon, Johannesburg, the Nigerian Voice Newspaper had a chat with Chief Iche Udeji Jonas, the Onowu Ndi-igbo and the founder of Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa at a dinner organized by Nigeria’s Consul General Okey Emuchay MFR. Mr. udeji is also the voting district coordinator for ANC in Ellis Park voting district in ward 57 David Webster branch Zone 11, Johannesburg. The interview centered on his involvement with the African National Congress (ANC), his experience when he attended the ANC political school, and how South Africa has failed to inform its citizens on the part Nigeria played towards the liberation of South Africa.

Mr Udeji stated that the financial support Nigeria gave ANC was Twenty Million Pounds (20,000,000.00) asides other supports. “I remember in 2012 when former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo was here on Friday May 25th 2012 at a Banquet dinner held in his honor by the South African chapter of the Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (NIDO). We were made to know that during the period of President Obasanjo’s  first regime between 13 February 1976 – 30 September 1979, the Federal Government of Nigeria gave the ANC a total amount of twenty million pounds (20,000,000.00). ‘That is the total amount the Government gave the ANC, former South African President Thabo Mbeki said in the presence of President Obasonjo”’

“Our government has always claimed that we spent more than that amount, but we must also remember that all the committees that were set up and working towards the liberation of South Africa were funded by Nigerian Government, Nigeria also gave scholarship to a lot of the Soweto boys after the Soweto riot in 1976, South Africans must be told, our story should be told”, Mr. Udeji stated.

Mr. Udeji confirmed that his attendance of the zonal political school of the ANC; a place where the history of South Africa, the history of ANC, the contribution of most South Africa revolutionaries and some aspect of political science are taught to members of ANC.  However, Mr. Udeji expressed  disappointment in the fact that nothing was said about Nigeria’s  roles towards the liberation of South Africa.  “In ANC School a lot is taught about the frontline states, especially Angola, the Morogoro conference in Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia but there is nothing that was said about Nigeria, completely nothing”. “I was in the class of last year, I actually raised a question to one of my lecturers Professor Molesi, and he is a regional ANC political School lecturer. I asked him about the contributions of Nigeria, he actually had nothing in hand to say other than to say that Nigeria gave them support, but he never said what kind of support they got”, said Mr. Udeje.

Mr Udeji praised The Nigerian Voice Newspaper and called for more support from the Nigerian government and Nigerians in South Africa. “The Nigerian Voice Newspaper has been doing a wonderful work in terms of informing Nigerians and educating other nationals by giving information on what is happening, like many other information about Nigeria - South Africa relationship when it is in trend, I get the information through the Newspaper”.  “It will be good if The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is encouraged to do more to cover our news and actually tell our story. Our government or certain individuals should invest in the Nigerian Voice Newspaper, I am sure all this thing of relegating all our effort to the dust will be a bye gone story”, Mr. Udeji pleaded.

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