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Goaty Media House has for the past one year being working out modalities on the first ever Nigeria Business Expo and Carnival in South Africa. On Tuesday the 11th of March 2014, the CEO of Goaty Media House Mega Abodedele and officials of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) signed a partnership Memorandum of Understanding at the NIPC building in Abuja so as to achieve a successful event with new dates on the 31st of July and 1st August 2014, and 2nd of August 2014 for the Carnival. Discussions are ongoing between Goaty Media House and both Governmental bodies in charge of Tourism in Nigeria and South Africa respectively with very strong positive feedbacks. The business Expo and carnival is endorsed by the Nigerian Diplomatic Missions in South Africa.

In a telephone interview with Mega Abodedele the CEO of Goaty Media House organizers of Nigeria Business Expo and Carnival, he stated that the aim of the Business Expo and Carnival “is to create awareness amongst Africans “our aim is to create awareness amongst Africans about opportunities in Africa, to decrease dependant on the western world, Africa to trade more with Africa, and the cultural carnival is for us to appreciate and uphold our strong African heritage”.

He further went on to state that “We at Goaty Media House feels that despite the various good intentions to unite and liberate Africa there are still gaps where citizens of Africa must work hand in hand with the government to fill the investment gap between African countries”.
He continued “It has been said over and over again that for Africa to succeed Nigeria and South Africa who are the leading economies on the continent must work together”.

“Goaty Media House therefore came up with a the concept of a Nigerian Business Expo and Cultural Carnival, hosted by South Africa and Nigeria, but inviting all African countries to explore opportunities and joint working possibilities on the continent”.

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