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In a strong-worded letter sent to the Nigerian Diplomatic mission in South Africa, the Nigerian National Assembly have demanded that all Nigerians living in South Africa should as a matter of urgency and importance submit all cases of police brutality, unresolved cases of Police Brutality, Police murder, unresolved killing of Nigerians and unfair treatment of Nigerians by South African Police Service (SAPS).

The Nigerian lawmakers are not happy at the way South African police are treating Nigerians in South Africa and are ready to protect the rights of Nigerians.

This same information was passed down to Nigeria Union Secretary General Hon. Adetola Olubajo who made it known to The Nigerian Voice Newspaper on the 23rd of March 2014.
In a recent communiqué by the Nigeria Union South Africa, the body implores all Nigerians living in South Africa with cases of police brutality and unfair treatment against Nigerians should come forward or send the information to the e-mail address below: 

The following information is requested:

1.  Name of the Victim

2. Case Number

3. Location of the incident

4. Brief explanation of what happen

5. Contact details of the victim or his/her representative.

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