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The exploits of Mr. Omoh Ezom as the winner of three Mathematics educator’s awards in Limpopo is a testament to the fact that, in-spite of a few bad sheep of the Nigerian family, majority of Nigerian citizens are quietly making positive impacts in their host communities across South Africa.

Omoh is a Nigerian-trained mathematician and educator. Motivated by the desire to correct erroneous belief that; ‘an average Nigerian must engage in illegal activities’ to survive in South Africa, Omoh put his mathematical knowledge to work as Mathematics educator in schools in Pretoria and Mopane areas of Limpopo.

Omoh’s passion for Mathematics and dedication to his learners has paid off with many recognitions and awards. In 2012, he won the Best Mathematics Educator in Makhutwe circuit with learners’ percentage pass rate of 90.2. In the same year, he also won the Best Mathematics Educator in Maruleng Municipality Limpopo Province with a learners’ percentage rate of 90.2 in the year 2012 and also the third Best Mathematics Educator in the district region of Mopani in Limpopo with learners’ percentage rate of 90.2.

Omoh advised Nigerians in South Africa, ‘to stay focus, be positive in your approach and stay out of illegal activities’. And to those who plan to migrate to South Africa, Omoh’s warns that “South Africa is not a good hustling ground unlike Europe, if you are not intellectually and educationally inclined, or probably good in any handiwork, it may be difficult to make headway in South Africa”. He stated.

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