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Johannesburg, South Africa: Sunday 27th of April 2014 was Freedom Day in South Africa. South African women married to Nigerian nationals in South Africa; United Nigerian Wives in South Africa (UNIWSA) and their children took advantage of the day to organize a visibility march/event themed: ONE LOVE, ONE NATION, ONE CONTINENT. The march took place from Banato Park to Cathedral of Christ the King Church on Smith Street in Johannesburg where participants were later entertained. The event was organized to create opportunity for the Nigerian Community in South Africa to interact with representatives of Home Affairs, Immigration, and SAPS in order to project the good image of Nigerians in South Africa.

Present at the event were Mr. A.K Balogun the Consul in Charge of Consular matters at the Nigeria High Commission, Pretoria, Mr. Ike Anyene, the President, Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA), Onowu Jonas Udeji the Onowu Ndigbo, South Africa, NUSA Gauteng Premier: Hon E. Onodu, founder of Teach-to-Pass College, President of Ohaji Organisation, Co-coordinator of Love to Love Goodluck Jonathan 2015 re-election Campaign, Mazi Martin Nwachukwu,  Author/ Motivational speaker, Raphael Ikechukwu Ogbuagu and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Richie Achukwu the author of the book Why Am I Here.

Speaking with The Nigerian Voice at the event, UNIWSA’s Public Relations Officer, Mrs. S’bongile  Nwazulu  stated that the aim of the event is to bring together the two great nations of Nigeria and South Africa and to create awareness that there are lots of good Nigerians doing very well in South Africa.  “our aim is to create awareness to South Africans that there are good, hardworking, professional and God-fearing Nigerians who are not involved in criminal activities, to fight stereotype/stigma against Nigerians, to educate people about the healthy political and economic relationship between South Africa and Nigeria, to encourage Nigerians to be responsible citizens and to showcase the rich colorful Nigerian tradition and culture”.

The president of the association Mrs. Lindelwa Uche affirmed during her opening speech that she had visited Nigeria and her in-laws treated her like a queen, she felt love and cared for.  “The first time I went to Nigeria, I was scared and thought people are going to treat me badly, but honestly I got the best treatment I can imagine. Nigerians are good people. Our association has been doing a lot to change the perception about Nigeria and Nigerians in South Africa, we need Nigerians as well to present themselves in a way and manner that will make us proud. We have had many protest and march to stand up for our husbands and children because the stigma is also affecting us and our children” she stated.

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