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Orgies is the best word for what went down at an uptown club a week ago. The music was deafening loud and lewd. The scene was obscene with half-nude young women waggling their waists to alcohol-induced dance. The men were too drunk to be willing dance partners. Thick smoke of puffed cigarettes and deceitful-sweet smell of Cuban cigars darkened the room. As you open the door, foul smell hit you as the early morning air blew into your face and nose, stale smell of champagne. The DJ and the bar staff helped themselves to many 100 Rands bill scattered on the floor.

Shamefully, two things shocked me to my bone marrow. One, all the men at the club were foreigners. A good number of them were (please guess). Second, an anonymous source revealed that the cost of the 7-hours orgy-party was R50,000. All in one night?! Champagne and cigars were more expensive than the local female who would later go home with the drunk male foreigners and steal their money and property to make up for sex for beer arrangement.

Why was I shocked?
Foreigners in South Africa are here to better their lives and that of their loved ones they left behind in their home countries. How can anyone achieve these if most nights of the week are spent like the one described above?  It is sad to know that in Nigeria, while foreigners like South Africans are buying and building up business empires, some Nigerians in South Africa are popping champagne and wasting their destinies by puffing Cuban cigars on the naked body of easy women of the night; while many of their brothers cannot afford R10 meal a day or pay R500 rent a month for a parlor space; and their families at home languish in lack.

This is a wake-up call to Africans and particularly Nigerian brothers. Remember, no matter how long you stay in South Africa, you always remain foreigners. Also, beware times are changing for foreigners in South Africa. This society no longer welcome likes of you. Remember, the tempting waist of those women of easy virtues will only give you few hours of expensive ecstatic fun, but years of regrets and pains.

It is time for Nigerians to pop great ideas instead of champagne, create values chains and build lasting business empires that will benefit the Nigerian community and our host community. We need more proud and valued Nigerian brands and persons in South Africa. We want to tell more Nigerian success stories not club and champagne madness.

We are watching you, so also is the agents of the State. Be wise!

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