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Are you planning to take out your family to an out of the country trip for this coming holiday? If you do, then consider a place where nature vividly reveals its many attractions; a place where beauty and relaxation are mixed into one great emotion and the feeling of being jolly and stress-free.  Welcome to Okonni wildlife sanctuary;  a place for splendid holiday rest that will leave a history in your memory.

The Okonni wildlife sanctuary is a relaxing arena where human can peacefully cohabit with animals in the wild. It has comfortable  accommodation and exciting facilities such as restaurants, sports ground, swimming pools, etc.  A visit to the sanctuary is an expedition which will not only give element of surprise to your family but also a memorable family bonding experience for every member of the family.

The Okonni wildlife sanctuary is sited in the ancient city of Benin, the Edo state capital, an Island area, south-south of Nigeria. It regularly attracts tourists, visitors, and investors; giving people  the opportunities of interacting with  domesticated cheetahs as well as getting actively involved in the conservation of endangered species.  Experience the thrill of being tooth to tooth with harmless wild animals. Perhaps, if you are adventurous, you may want to wrap yourself a l big size python at the site.

Also, one can take a leisure walk on the catwalk within the flora fauna kingdom while viewing lions, cheetahs, pumas, white Bengal tigers, bush baby, muna monkeys, putty nose, white throat monkeys and many birds species.

The sanctuary also provide a home for abused, neglected and elderly donkeys where they allowing  them to live out their lives with respect and dignity surrounded by their own kind in a protective and natural environment.
The Okonni wildlife sanctuary was the first in the country to be protected by the law of conservation in August 1985 and is jointly managed by the Edo state government and the Nigerian conservation foundation (NCF). Tourists visiting the site will gain insight to a more glorious past as well as a promising future amid the natural beauty of this great diverse region from the rainforest in the east aboard savanna woodland in the center which will give you and your family an experience of cute creatures in the wild.

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