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The topic and comparison between P-Square and D’Banj is never ending, it’s a discussion fans of both artist will continue to discuss for a long time to come, and this prompted us to take a broader look at how both artist has performed over the years, comparing them using Five criteria’s like consistency, management, stage performance, message in music and quality of music video production.

In other to get a clearer view, an opinion poll was conducted by The Nigerian Voice Newspaper on its facebook group page; Nigerians and friends of Nigerians forum, and also by email, all together almost a 100 people responded to the topic; P-Square Vs D’Banj who is better? Out of the 100 people that responded 65% were female and 35% were male. 67% said P-Square were obviously better, while the remaining 23% gave it to D’ Banj, 10% remained indifferent. Again out of the 67% that said P-Square was obviously better, 63% gave a direct answer that “P-Square Obviously”. Lerato Loletta Chokolo who said P-Square are better gave her reason as “Personally, E no easy but since I'm their Ifunaya, I go chop their money!!! Absolutely love those boys”. Another P-Square fan Mojisoluwa Odetoyinbo Shuaib said “Clearly clear! P-Square all the way, Dbanj is equally good too but in his own way. Na 7-UP the difference is clear” she continued “D Banj was doing really well with Don Baba J before the split; all he does now is scream”. Gugu G Mbatha stated “Peter & Paul obviously! Dbanj has lost it, the money got to him all he does now is bonk women at Hush Night club in Johannesburg, lol!” Siya Mtolo said “P Square, Followed by Ice Prince, 2Face and Flavour then D Banj”. A participant who insists to remain anonymous said “definitely, p-square are better musicians than that unserious nonentity called D-Banj” Mr Perfect said “Both are good but if I must say or choose: P-square is my choice”. Nontando Precious stated “P Square, they are doing it for me”

Busisiwe Mathebula remained indifferent and said “Both of them for me”, Aderonke Ibiyemi said “They are both good and I have no reason to compare them”. Okafor Michael also said “I love the two, their music is good”

Some respondents who are of the opinion that D “Banj is better gave the following reason. Onome said “If I want to listen to P Square's type of music, there are so many better ones from America, but D ‘Banj is unique, great stage attitude and his music has an attractive African impact, I go for D” Banj”. Fatai Ibrahim said “Both are good But I like skibanji 50.99% and P-square 49.99%”. Bimpe Odukoya also gave her reason for her choice in D Banj “They are incomparable P Square are musicians while D Banj is an entertainer. I will go for the koko master anytime, any day he is the bomb. P Square-10 D” Banj-90”.

Taking a look at the criteria at which they were been compared, and it is a person opinion of the writer:

Consistency: P- Square have been more consistent than D “Banj over the years, this could have been a tough one to call when D Banj and Don Jazzy were still together. D “Banj for almost 4 years running have not been able to produce a hit track after the Oliver Twist album, which is his last track produced by Don Jazzy in 2010 before signing with Kanye West Good Music Records. On the flip side, P-square are getting stronger by the day, they have been consistent and have gone on to release almost five hit singles "Beautiful Onyinye", "Chop My Money", "Alingo", "Personally". The rest is for you to judge.

Management: P Square has a more professional management and this reflects in their organization, their appearance and the way they do business. P-Square conducts themselves in a more professional way. Although looking at both artist website, one will be disappointed and expect a more sophisticated website with regular updates, which that is not the case.

Stage Performance: On a personal note P Square tops this aspect. They are entertainers and performers, their dance step and chorography is breath taking, hardly will any artist take them on in this aspect, they have perfected themselves on these criteria. They are better dancers and relates more with the crowd than D “Banj

Message in Music: D “Banj blows hot and cold here, he tends to have good messages in his love songs and not so decent message in his other music. P Square has a more all-round meaningful message in their music, and can be listened to by a large age group.

Quality of Music Video: P Square spends a fortune on their music video and again this has to do with management, they have a music video for all their hit songs. D “Banj is seriously lacking in this aspect and he really needs to up the quality of his music videos.
After reading this, we want to hear your feedback. Tell us in your own words who you think is better and why. Send your opinion to news@thevoicesa.com.

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