Posted by Sibongile Nwazulu on Sunday, July 6, 2014

The subject at hand “Peaceful Coexistence” of states with different social systems is dominant today in the minds of many South Africans. This matter of coexistence, not only affects the people who seek peace in foreign countries but it literally affects every person on the face of earth.

We have come to realise that there has been a great change in South Africa after the apartheid era. During the struggles against apartheid, millions of people throughout the world supported the people of South Africa in their struggle against oppression, racism and murder. World conferences where held in Geneva to combat the struggles behind apartheid, It was in the second conference that apartheid was designated a “crime against humanity”. A lot has been done to remedy the effects of apartheid, the question that lies ahead is has much been done for the struggle of peaceful co-existence?

Considering what has been happening in South Africa around attacks on not only Nigerians but other fellow foreigners we can deduce that what remains to happen in years to come is either war or peaceful coexistence. If the latter takes precedence, loving your neighbor will not be forced upon individuals but finding ways of getting along with him would be the first step towards the goal. The principle of peaceful coexistence signifies a rejection of interference in the internal affairs of other countries with the object of changing their system of governance or the lifestyle of the people of that particular country for any other motives to benefit them, but it stresses the fact of living peacefully on mutual benefits.

My cry arises from the nature of every person on the face of earth to live in harmony with one another, in which there are no classes or social groups interested in profiting from what has been worked hard by fellow foreigners or citizens of the country at hand by means of war or seizing and enslaving other peoples assets. So what do we say to all who are affected by this; Let us promote co-existence or rather peaceful living between South Africans and Nigerians.

Some ways to promote co existence or rather peaceful living between South Africans and Nigerians are:

1. To let decent behaviours, sincerity and kindness be our second nature in life. Drugs, prostitution, child trafficking and fraud is rife in South Africa and its presumed Nigerian citizens as syndicates this has led to general mistrust of Nigerians living in South Africa' hence I say let decent behaviours be our second nature.
2. Promoting cultural integration among South Africans and Nigerians, such as intermarriages and cultural exchange programs. For example, South African women who are married to Nigerian citizens have come together to form an organisation called United Nigerian Wives in South Africa (UNWISA) to play a pivotal role in joining the two giants with their vision to further the strides of freedom and justice so that all who live in South Africa shall enjoy equal treatment before the law irrespective of their sex, religion or origin. UNWISA has organized a pro co-existence events such as One Love One Nation event to promote peaceful living among South Africans and Nigerians, fighting crime such as drugs and child trafficking and programmes aimed at South Africans and Nigerians on the nation’s foreign policies.
 3. Not reviewing issues through the eyes of fixed prejudices, misconception and biased stories.

I am looking forward to a day when everybody will see the other person as a member of our single African Continent family. When we will all live as responsible citizens of Africa irrespective of culture, religion, language barrier or nationality. When there will be no more discrimination and no need for explosive clashes among people as a result of feeling cheated, neglected and isolated. Then a Nigerian in South Africa will no longer be seen as a foreigner but a fellow brother or sister.

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