President Buhari’s experience and maturity will benefit Nigeria.

Posted by Ifedayo Oshin on Sunday, July 5, 2015

All Progressives Congress (APC) is the new ruling party in Nigeria. The party who won a landslide victory in the April 2015 general elections in Nigeria is still reeling in its victory of being the first party to unseat an incumbent government in the political history of Nigeria. The Nigeria Voice crew visited the party Gauteng chairman and had a chat with him about the party in South Africa and other issues about Nigerian community in South Africa.

Prince Amobi Philips is the current chairman of the APC in the Gauteng Province. The Imo State born businessman and politician is the son of the traditional ruler of Osuama kingdom in Imo State, Eastern Nigeria, His Royal Highness, Eze Zeb Philip Nwosu, the Eze Udo II.

Prince Amobi Philips is a man of many parts who has his hands in many pies in the business world. He doubles as the CEO of Volcano Records, Volcano Africa, Volcano Kids and Volcano Group International. Volcano Africa supplies African traditional attires and Volcano Kids is a company that caters for children from newborn to the age of 14. The group is also in the winery, import and export business. The Imo prince is not just a politician or business man; he is also a loving husband and father. He is married to lovely Mrs. Caroline and blessed with two sons and daughter.

As the APC Gauteng chairman, Prince Philips subscribes to the national APC global message of change, and that it is at the top of his priorities to bring that change from the top and extend it to every other parts of Nigeria, South Africa, Africa and the world at large. The party chair said that he was motivated by APC’s message of change. “We have always been used to one particular system of government and the people cried out for change. And APC being a party for change, invited me to unite with other people who needs change, change for the better not just change as in the word change; to make sure that we come together and join forces to make things better for our people”, said Prince Philip.

As a party man, the Imo-born politician believes that President Buhari is the best man to take over the leadership of Nigeria. He is confident that the president’s experience and maturity will benefit Nigeria in many ways. He urged Nigerians home and aboard to support the president’s work.

“President Buhari is not a new person to leadership. He has always been a leader. If you go back to the time when he was a military leader and the commander-in-chief, you can always attest to what he did and, bringing him back now as a civilian president is not a bad direction to follow. He is a very credible individual. He brought change to Nigeria when he was a military ruler. And many years have gone past. So I guess he has grown more in experience. So, right now I guess he is the right person to be handed the leadership of Nigeria to and he is somebody who we can trust. And I believe he will do more than whatever we have experienced in the past”, the APC Gauteng chair assured.

The party Provincial chairman’s message to his fellow APC members is that change should start from inside. “We should lead by example. Since we are bringing out this message of change to the world, I guess that we should be good ambassadors of APC”.  For Nigerians in diaspora, Prince Philips said “I say united we will always stand. If we are bringing this message of change; I say we stick together and make it a very positive one’’.

He advised Nigerians in South Africa to be good ambassadors of their country. “I will say that every Nigerian in SA should try to be loyal and law-abiding citizens. We are in SA, a country that accommodates lots of foreign nationals, and being a Nigerian and knowing the image that we have, I will advise every Nigerian to be good ambassadors of Nigeria”. 

“For other Nigerians back at home, I would say that everybody should support the president in whatever he is doing because he alone can not change the country. The country will change through collective efforts. So, let us support and be there for him so that we can make Nigeria a better place for everybody”, the Gauteng chairman pleaded.

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