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Friday 15th of November 2013 is like the day when Moses in the bible who was sent by God to rescue people of Israel from Egypt. Those were exact words of one leader of the Zimbabwe community of blind people in downtown area of Johannesburg, near Ellis Park.  About 150 physically impaired and challenged had come out to receive from the largesse of the Nigerian public-spirited philanthropist, Prince Okolie Ezeja.

The Igbo prince is not new to philanthropic works, having been consistently providing, on a weekly basis, cooked food and soft drinks to the needy and street persons in Pretoria and Johannesburg in the last three years. Some may be wondering why a foreigner is seeking for greener pasture spending his money and time to feed and care for some of the needy of his host country. Prince Ezeja said in an interview at the venue of charity event, “I have done this in Nigeria.  I have worked with widows and widowers. I am taking God’s instructions. That’s what God told me. We are in one body and we are equal in fellowship. So, blind people and street children, all of us are one and equal before God. I am just following instructions from God. I am going through the light of God”.

He told The Nigerian Voice newspaper that it was his first time of reaching out to the blind and the crippled. He said that it was Mr, Abbah George, and another Nigerian, whose ministry focuses on the blind that facilitated the meeting. Mr. George said that he has been supporting the community since 2005. He also sends food parcels to Zimbabwe through one of the community members, a middle age married man known as Mr. Gift. “I am from Zimbabwe, Masungo area. Brother Abbah George used to send me to Zimbabwe to distribute rice and mealie-mealie alongside my prayer warrior brothers in Zimbabwe”, said Mr. Gift.

Prince Ezeja said that his charity project is self-funded. “The funds come from my personal trading business. No one is supporting me for now, and God has been faithful since I started working on this project. I never lacked nor begged”. “”From what we borrowed from God, is what we brought here. It is God who provided what we brought here today.

The leader of the blind community, Mr. Lazarus while receiving the money gift, bags of mealie-mealie and rice on behalf of his community members, said that “I just want to say this people are like Moses in the bible that was sent by God to rescue people from Egypt. This people have helped a lot because the situation is not like it was in the past years. This people here are blind people from Zimbabwe we are here due to economic recession in our country. The project is very good. It makes us not to starve”.

Another member of the community named Joseph thanked the organizers of the charity project. He expressed happiness; “I am very happy it is a good project because it helps poor blind people. I hope they get a chance again to come back and give us food. I am from Zimbabwe. Some of us come from Zimbabwe, Zambia and others from South Africa. I want to give great thanks.

A female member, Tandai Chaoko said that “the project is right. I wish more blessing for them from God. I have a husband and a child”. Maria who said she is in the country to make a living through begging requested that the organizers should bring them clothes in their next visit.

Prince Ezeja said he cannot determine his next charity project or destination. “I can’t tell you now, it is direction from God. God will tell me what and where. I am planning to visit a physically challenged group in Nigeria. The program is meant to spread all over the world not only South Africa. God may tell me to visit Asia, and I have to go. I am like an Evangelist”

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