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The Consul-General of Nigeria on 12th September, 2013 advised at the Nigerian Consulate in Johannesburg, that Nigerians living in South Africa do not have to travel home to get the new Yellow Fever Card as measures would be put in place to replace the Old ones.

In an interview with the Nigerian Voice Newspaper, Mr. Okey Emuchay said that “logistics on this would be made, as he would meet with the Minister of Health soon on this. The case is not intended that our nationals would now have to travel to Nigeria just to go and have it replaced. For people who are having the old card it would just be an exchange. The old one would be retrieved and then they would be issued with the new one”.

He also made it clear that Nigeria would be celebrating a bigger ceremony next year on its independence day, which would be a Centenary Celebration. He explained that Nigeria would be a hundred years old by then as ‘’ Mr. President is very focused on that and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, his Excellency Pius Anyim Pius is charged with the preparations.

The Consul-General of the Federal Republic emphasized, “I’m sure you are familiar with the transformation agenda of Mr. President. There are critical sectors that Mr. President is focused upon. Power, a lot of progress have been made, are still being made. Agriculture, Solid minerals, Infrastructure, Education and Health, these are very key and I can tell you that tremendous progress has been recorded in all the sectors that I have mentioned. It is work in progress and Mr. President is focused on them. There is no going back on them. For us to continue to develop and grow, these sectors are very vital to our national wellbeing as a country and as a people”.

He noted, “Hundred years is not a small figure and it’s important we tell our story about the journey so far. We are still one country, we are still united, still one people but as you find in every other country in the world we have our challenges and these challenges are being addressed”.

The Consul-General also explained that South Africa has never in any way stopped Nigerian multi-billion dollar businesses to operate here in South Africa, stating “the impression over the years was that South Africa would not allow Nigerian Banks to operate here but during the ENC in Cape Town, the truth emerged”.

“We have reached out to all Nigerian Banks that are here and made them to understand that they need to follow the procedure, they need to apply to the Reserve Bank of South Africa that is the authority that has to process their papers and license them.

“They haven’t done that but I hope with information we have conveyed, banks like Union Bank, First Bank who have had offices here over the years would avail themselves of this information.

“The two chambers, South Africa and Nigeria Chambers of Commerce and the Nigerian South Africa Chambers of Commerce are in very close collaboration today” he added.

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