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We all go through it once in a while. Some more often than others. Sluggish moments that affect us both physically and mentally. Some rush for over the counter medication which is either a temporary or make it worst solution. The human body goes through a lot everyday. From the air, we breath food we eat, the tap water we drink to the daily exhausting routines. If there was a miracle pill for this we will all be happier and energized, but thanks to the holistic approach of wellness, there is a solution called seasonal detox. To detox means to get rid of unwanted toxins from a living organism, and it’s also known as cleansing. It is one of the most important alternative body restoring procedures there is; helping to rid the body of harmful toxins and their negative effect.  These same toxins are the main reasons why our bodies become sluggish, and our energy level goes on the low. Toxins build up and take awhile to pile up, with out any notice. Ideally, our bodies fight everyday to excrete them through lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels.  Even though this process takes place everyday, some of these toxins do not exit the body. They stay behind only to be put back into the bloodstream and body tissues. This is due to the fact that the body losses it ability to cope with its own natural detoxification system, leading to the occurrence of impaired detoxification symptoms such as:                             
Chronic fatigue, water retention, yeast infection, joint / muscle pain, body odor, food sensitivity, fibromyalgia, chronic stress, weight gain, dull complexion, congested skin, and bloating and constipation. 

These symptoms could slow us down, compromise our lymphatic system and bring about serious medical conditions. All in all toxicity makes us all sick!! Since the beginning of time, detoxification has been used as a means of clearing the system of infections caused by insect bites, viral infections and a lot more. The most commonly used detox method at that time was usually sweating the infection out by steaming with herbs.  There are different types of detox, such as chemical and herbal detox, which can be very helpful in restoring ones wellness and energy level... Like any other wellness program, it has to be clearly understood before using it for one to carefully choose the right method of detox that suits and meets one’s needs. When it comes to other health alternative healing method such as holistic therapy, there is a therapeutic way of detox, which focuses more on improving circulation through lymphatic drainage massage, body brushing, deep tissue massage, body raps etc., and the excretion of waste products that have long been stuck in the gut through stomach massage and diet adjustments. This therapeutic detox program can be done for a couple of days even weeks and the results can be very impressive. Once homeostasis level has been restored into the body, every day living becomes more enjoyable and productive. Remember to research carefully before embarking into any herbal detox program, and make good health a lifestyle!!

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