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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a very lovely Christmas Celebration. We are starting this year on a bright note with the latest fashion trends. It’s the Hot Velvet and Lace with sequin trend!!!  The velvet material used to be associated with the Igbos. It is worn by them only to special ceremonies, just as the “Oleku” style was associated with Yorubas; so is the Velvet material associated with the Igbos. Gone are the days Ankara and Lace used to be the fabric of choice for weddings and celebration. The velvet fabric is now king at Nigerian parties. It’s even better if the velvet is embroidered or beaded. Lately, the velvet embroidered fabric combined with French lace or sequins are now the most sought after Aso Ebi attire for every fashion-forward Nigerian woman. At many weddings today, you can’t easily take your eyes off the new stunning velvet wrapper or skirt and you’ll be amazed at the way this is put together. You can’t help but admire the stunning fabrics, the styles and the beautiful women wearing them.

Though the velvet fabric is not made in Nigeria, it is the most popular fabric featured in Nigerian weddings this year,  Traditionally, velvet is associated with nobility. It is mainly used by the royal families, hence it is also known as the Royal fabric. Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics both in texture and drape. It is a unique fabric woven on a special loom; made from various kinds of fibers and silk. Velvet made entirely from silk is more expensive than other fibers like linen, mohair and wool. Sometime in the 90s, there was a fabric called Akpoche (there was even a song for it then……lol) which was trending then, there was a lot of excitement/attention on it then because the Akpoche fabric was mainly used in making furniture cover especially couch and settees: it was kind of odd to wear the material as an item of clothing. The Velvet fabric looks a lot like the Akpoche material and it is back with a big bang!

I personally love this new trend because it exudes elegance, sophistication and grace. The velvet fabric is soft and has a rich feel, exotic in appearance no matter the color or use. Combining lace on velvet skirt or wrapper is a sight for sore eyes, even better is if the lace is Sequined or French lace. Sequined Lace on Velvet is better combined in different color pallets (like color blocking). E.g. you can combine Red lace with Purple velvet the brighter the color the better the look. The interesting thing about this trend is that you can let the style reflect your personality. You can decide to tie the velvet as wrapper, but you are not restricted to the long wrapper, because it can also be worn as Oleku (short wrapper). If you are not so comfortable in wrapper, then you can make it into a long straight skirt with a high slit or a long or short dress. The lace can be made into a blouse or Buba and the sleeves can be either long or short. The good thing is that you can wear it with or without a matching gele. Velvet comes in a variety of bright catchy colours. Accessorize with bold neck pieces, bangles and heels.

So my peeps take a cue from this and rock this fabulous trend in this New Year, because I tell you this trend is going to be around for a while as this fabric can be made into beautiful and very lovely styles and designs. Have a fabulous New Year!!!!!

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