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“Hello! Hello! Hello! Please, let me get a good parking, I am driving and this boring traffic officers are on parade now. Sorry! I will call you back as soon as I get a good parking, you know how hard is it to fit a big four-wheel drive jeep in a small space?” 

The man cut the phone as he walked briskly down the street around Sunnyside area of Pretoria. 

That was the scene and conversation I witnessed last week as I walked about the streets of Pretoria trying to get KFC streetwise lunch. The man was not driving a bicycle needless to mention a car. The only thing that was true about his phone conversation was- traffic officers were parading and their car almost hit him as  he lost concentration while crossing the street.

Apparently, the guy on the phone is a foreign national, his accent suggested he is from West Africa. The whole lies on the phone about driving a jeep was just an attempt to give false impression of his good life in South Africa to his family back at home. Obviously, the guy did not look like somebody who had had a meal that day as he clung tightly to a torn lotto coupon. He was going to try his luck on the number game for the umpteenth time.

Why lie, my brother? Don’t our elders say, “if it is difficult to proceed forward, it is wise (not streetwise now) to turn back”. Come on, my African brothers, why do you push unnecessary pressure on yourself? It is high time you realized that gold is no longer on the streets of Johannesburg. Lotto games may give you a meal but it cannot give you a lifetime fulfillment. Find something to learn, to do with your mind and hands! Better still, go back home….

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