STREETWISE: Why On Earth Did You Get married To Her?

Posted by Ifedayo Oshin on Thursday, March 6, 2014 Under: Feature Articles

Love is a beautiful quality of human being. It makes the world go round. It is more beautiful and noble sometimes, if it ends in marriage. Now, marriage is a serious thing and so should not be entered so lightly, because many have suffered heartaches, troubles and even deaths through love and marriage.

Two thoughts, inspired by King Solomon David an Isreali King in the pre-biblical time, come to mind when one reflects on the introduction above. The first one a proverb that says, “hell has no fury like a woman who is scorned” and the other is a warning;  “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”

These two thoughts quoted above, I think speak to the issues of marriage between foreign nationals and citizens of South Africa, especially the marriage of a male foreigner to a female South African. The question is why do most foreigners get married to South Africans? One popular phrase among many foreigners suggests an answer to this question. The phrase “accompanied spouse”. This speaks of a residence status that a foreigner gets when he marries or engages a South African citizen. But the most unfortunate thing about this act is that most often an accompanied spouse is no more than an accompanied spouse to his or her partner. It is often an arranged or contract marriage to ease the settlement of foreigner national who do not have legal residence status to remain in South Africa after the expiration of his or her temporary permit. The Department of Home Affairs is weary of this act as it has discovered several times that many South Africans are married without their knowledge through identity theft. Sometimes, the department has had complaints  from some South African ladies who have come out to dissolve a allegedly arranged marriage when such arrangement runs into dark water.

I agree love can be found and enjoyed anywhere in the world by any two people irrespective of race, language or religion. But I do not subscribe to the manipulation of such a serious earthly and spiritual act of marriage for selfish ambition, particularly when the consent of a party is bought or stolen as it is the case with many foreign nationals. The wicked and selfish can only result in dire consequences before the laws of the land and that of God. No wonder, many foreign who have engaged in this act do not fare well as they expect they would, rather they have burdened themselves with guilt before God and the law.

Foreign nationals should know that success in a foreign land does not lie in getting married to citizens of that country either falsely or rightly. Having South African ID document is not a guarantee to being successful in South Africa. it is therefore, worse for a foreigner who has manipulated the heart of a woman or the system to cheat his way to some residence status.  Remember: hell has no fury like a woman who is scorned”. And if you are not marrying for love; “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”, or else, you will pay dearly for it.

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