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Tourism as an industry has been traveling with the wild pace of technological advancement and aboard are people from different places and culture interacting with increasing ease''' since the globe has been shrunk into a village. Interestingly, the Nigerian tourism industry now offer a wide variety of tourist attraction such as extended and roomy river and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature ranging from the tropical forest, some new rapidly growing cities and climate condition in some part particularly conducive for holidaying, other attractions include traditional ways of life preserved in local custom; rich and other handicraft and other colorful product depicting or illustrative of native art and life styled, and friendly attitude of many in the Nigerian population.

Other attraction center include chief Nana Olomu palace located in Warri north local government area of delta state' the big heart of Nigeria. Chief Nana was a powerful nineteenth century indigenous entrepreneur, as a reflection of his achievement. A magnificent edifice was build at the turn of the century; it houses his personal effect, evidence of his contact with the queen of England. This palace has become recognized and approved as a national monument, also in a close measuring distance is Iyaya forest reserve in the big heart city of Nigeria, this site measuring about 20 hectare of land was developed and approved by the eastern chapter of the Nigeria conservation foundation(NCF)as a national Christian pilgrim camp. A copy of the holy bible was believed to have descended miraculously from heaven around August 1914,the spot now attract Christian pilgrims from all over the African region, especially during the Easter season.

Other tourist destination site include OSOSO TOURIST CENTER located in OSOSO town in the boundary between Edo and kogi state, it's hilly and rocky, lying about 40 kilometer from igarra and 120 kilometer from Benin. Another site for tourist is EZEAGU Tourist Complex in Enugu state, this center exhibit one of the natural wonders of wonders of nature, measuring about 22 hectares in size, it comprises a lake, a cave and a waterfall(spring water),not in the least is Okonni Wildlife Sanctuary site in Benin city, the Edo state capital. This sanctuary was first in the country to be protected by law of conservation in August 1985,and is jointly managed by the Edo state government and the Nigerian conservation foundation(NCF)the sanctuary contains rare species like the white throat monkeys, Mona monkeys, putty nosed quenons, chimpanzees, elephant ,bush baby's, the potto buffalo, red rivers, hog, porcupine etc.

Tourist visiting the country will gain insight to a glorious past as well as a promising future, amid the natural beauty of this great diverse country from rain forest in the east, aboard savanna woodland in the center to a semi desert region in the north.
Nigeria offer a remarkable range of physical beauty in her land and hospitality of her people ready to be enjoyed by the tourist fortunate enough to choose the land of ancient empires as their travel destination.

However, many of these attraction are still largely untapped and are even in their raw states, they are still being enjoyed by a few outsiders, either very rich visitors in quest for exoticism or adventurous people in search of new challenges and experienced. Apart from this enormous potentials and investment opportunity in the Nigerian tourism sector, the country investment climate at the present is one of the most favorable in Africa. Tourism investment atmosphere in Nigeria is now conducive, given the abundant resources available ,large market, power stability, good road network and enthronement of an enduring democracy and a package of tourism incentives incorporated by the federal government to further boost the development of tourism in Nigeria particularly in the eastern provinces. Investors both foreign and locals are therefore call upon to come and invest in the abundant tourism potentials in the country for a more profitable return.

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