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Have you ever experienced the robot drama before? You have been stopped by the red light and you have a breath of relief releasing your leg from the gas for moment of respite. You forget to return the gear from five to one or neutral. It is only one small lane. The robot turns green and it is time to go. Your car is first on the line and you press the pedal to go only to discover you are on five. The engine stops. You try to get things right, to no avail. Yes, I was a victim of that. All hell broke loose. It was 7.30 in the morning. People were in a hurry to get to work and school. Shouts, curses and honks polluted the air. It was winter morning but I sweated profusely. I was confused and numbed by unsympathetic responses of my fellow road users. The car itself became adamant apparently angered by the shouts and curses. The only thing that didn’t lose its cool was the robot traffic lights. While waited and shouted, it has changed from green to amber and to red five times. It was the seventh green light that nudged me back to my senses. I learnt so much from the traffic lights that day.

The red traffic light

The red tells us that there will always be stop and still moment. The time when everything is at standstill, yet we are dying to move, to run and get ahead. But it is the wrong thing to do at the time because other things and people around are not in sync to our desire to move at the time. Imagine driving across a four-way road when the traffic light on your side shows red. It is a disaster! It is the same when we try to get ahead when we are supposed to wait patiently for the appointed time. The red light’s wait sign is a lesson in the virtue of patience and timing.

The green traffic light

The green tells us the waiting moment does not last forever. After a little wait, the road will be open for us to move. It teaches that it is wrong and also dangerous to wait now. It says it is time to take action, to run and fly. It reminds us there are other people behind you who cannot go, move or make progress until you move, take action or do something. It tells you if you wait, delay or struggle on the line, you will get hurt and cause serious harm to others. It tells you waiting and doing nothing, lazing around at this point of your life may cause you irreparable loss because you may be overrun and overwhelmed by the coming challenges.

The amber traffic light

The amber tells us that we are running out of time. It tells us it’s almost time to let go and wait for another opportune time. It hurries to make haste, to make up our mind about what next to do. To decide either we increase our speed or slow down. It warns us to be careful so that we don’t go over the edge. It tells us that we are not the only ones around; it forces to be conscious and make allowances for others. It challenges us to give others a chance to try and get along. It tells us the break time is now. Ultimately, it tells us the red light will soon turn to green and the time for a fresh start and new beginning is near. So, even though we stop for a while, there will always be new opportunities and chances to rise and take the lead again.

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