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Shower your spouse with a surprise visit to the extraordinary haven of fun at the Ibeno White Sand Beach located in Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

The beach is reputed to be the longest sand beach in West Africa, covering about 1.9 kilometer stretch of a beach line. It is daily besieged by a high numbers of individuals who visit just to catch a glimpse of the point where the water vehemently wrap itself like an interior rug and lifts itself above the sea level and returns back to the sea leaving tourists at gaping with wonder of nature.

The Ibeno beach is a historic beach that forms part of the African border with the Atlantic Ocean. It is a site to behold with white sand dunes unaffected by the wave of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is both gentle and turbulent depending on the season of the year. During the flow tide, the water can recede as far as 100 meter from the beach and can reach unimaginable elevation of 30 meter above the sea level before it strikes the beach.

The beauty of this beach is the fact that it’s sand has been stable over the years without receding with the tide of the water. The beach presents tourists with natural gifts, not only as a home for fishing or a relaxation spot for pleasure seekers but it also provides a recreational facilities for water sport and swimming. Lovers of water sport finds the beach most inviting. It is one of the most outstanding attraction centers in Nigeria as it stretches over 80 kilometer of white sand bar along the Atlantic coast line and provide excellent opportunities for fishing and other new experiences for global tourists.

Interestingly, the beach is a potential haven for the export processing zone (EPZ) with tourism thirsty expatriates cruising to and from Calabar EPZ shore which lies closely to the beach. While on the beach for tourism exploits, Akwa- Ibom State is well known for her exciting rich culinary culture and is highly reputed for her irresistible salivating varieties of cuisines which are predominantly vegetables and sea food. Visitors can have a taste of the Ibom popular dishes such as, Isi- Ewu(Goatmeat), Afang, Edikan- Ikong and top it up with the local Palm Wine. Ibeno beach numbers among the top Ten (10) reputable resorts that is capable of commanding world tourist attention.

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