Posted by Frank Ozua on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When you need to be out there, where the nature breeze will gently take away your sorrows, stress and all the commotion as well as the urban pollution, you will definitely need to be at the Yankari Game Reserve.  A visit to this site will not only interest you but will also provide you the opportunity to learn about the much talked about ‘aboki’ life.

Situated in the north-east area of Bauchi state, 80km away from the tin city of Jos in Nigeria, Yankari Game Reserve does not only boast of African most sought-after big five animals, it also aims to rehabilitate an ecosystem almost destroyed by centuries of farming. Due to the variety of wildlife that inhabits there,  the reserve remains the only section of the NIGNP that is fenced and visitors should look out for black long throated antelope that rarely appears once in a blue moon while your kids will be dazzled by hundred of birds, ancient trees, mighty rivers and much more.

For families with children there is no better safari destination than Yankari Game Reserve Park which provides special programs for the kids. Also, for those who are single and without minors, after a morning of admiring magnificent wildlife, you deserve a therapeutic massage treatment in one of three luxury game spas. You can also spend the afternoon on one of the local beaches nearby before enjoying the sunset back at the reserve while sipping any of the variety soft drinks served.

 For those planning to travel for holiday and tourism, Yankari Game Reserve Park should be one of the must-do on your bucket list. Unless you‘ve been up at dawn, driving out of the camp as the early morning sun illuminates thousands of glittering webs among the bushes, while you cruise slowly along the road, look out for the overnight lion’s kill or a leopard usual drape over the branch of big trees. Also, watch out for that tiny bush baby crossing the road but if you are lucky enough, a pack of wild dogs on the prowl will always leave exciting memories in your mind.

Indulge in a game of tennis or have fun playing board games in the sun. A sparkling pool with secluded lounging areas adds to the relaxed atmosphere, while friendly staff is on hand to cater to your every need. Yankari Game Reserve is easily accessed by road; a transfer service is available in the Park, but be informed that booking for this service can be made directly with the Reserve management. Guest house accommodation is also available but visitors have choice of either to sleep in the old age chalet in the game or check in at the old world charm guest lodge situated on top of the hill where you can view the indigenous lifestyle of the locals.

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