Posted by Virginia Makoti on Sunday, July 6, 2014

Everyone is so familiar with yoga! But not so much with pilates. These two exercise programs are beneficial for everyone who wants to strengthen their body depending on the results they want to obtain. The two workout routines are different from each other, because their breathing techniques differ a lot.

First let's take a look at yoga.

Yoga was firstly created and practiced in India, with the aim of improving physical, emotional and spiritual health. It has repetitive movements which are therapeutic and involve meditation
which focus on the mind as well as the body. It has been proven that people who suffer from depression and anxiety coped much better after they started to practice yoga. This is because; with Yoga we concentrate more on the employed breath.
This concentration helps to send oxygen to tight, stressed areas throughout the body, causing these specific muscle groups to loosen up and for us to achieve relaxation.
Continuous practice of Yoga increases body flexibility and movement.

Pilates on the other hand is a recent technique which was created by Joseph Pilates for physical rehabilitation. It is used without building bulk as it is a resistance exercise with six key principles. Pilates work from center of the body (core) to the outward parts. It is a technique used to provide needed energy to the muscle group for effective exercise. Pilates have process that are much more intense for quick toning, strengthening and lengthening results.

The concentration on the pilates breathing techniques, assists in managing the quality of oxygen coming into the body and to travel to the muscles that needs to become more relaxed, and pilates will help you to burn additional calories.
The two routines can be practiced by anyone at any age. They only require a mat, good body balance and to be first practiced from the beginners level, moving steadily into more advanced stages. They work well with regular cardio and weight workouts to ease the muscles, depending on what you want to achieve. If you still not sure which one to take, as part of your lifestyle! You can give then both a try. You might even enjoy using them both in your workout program.

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